Horna – Kuoleman Kirjo

Together with Sargeist, Azaghal, Barathrum and a few more Horna is one of the most well-known and (in)famous underground Black Metal acts from Finland. Already active more than 25 years they have gained quite an extended discography with some great occult and satanic releases. Their last full length “Hengen Tulet” was a bit of a disappointment since the production and especially the vocals were something I couldn’t appreciate. Luckily, Horna is back with “Kuoleman Kirjo” to restore the balance.

In Horna’s case it means harsh and powerful black metal which still draws energy from the dark years of the nineties. It shouldn’t be needed to give any references but if you like the above mentioned acts and acts such as Gorgoroth and Darkthrone you know what to expect.

The album starts with a punch in your face on the opener track “Saatanan Viha” which is a pure, aggressive and dark Black Metal hymn. Same as “Elegia” and “Uneton” these songs are brutal yet intertwined with some great melodies. Just listen to “Sydänkuoro” which has a great melody in the end section and you know these musicians get it: brutality can go hand in hand with melody without destroying the grimm atmosphere on the album or song.
The clean vocals on “Haudattujen tähtien yönä” and the chilling last track “Ota Minut Vastaan” make it a thrilling, surprising, almost epic, track and should really sound cool on the live stage.

There’s plenty to discover on “Kuoleman Kirjo”. It is a brutal dark and thrilling thirteen track counting ride which manages to mesmerize your dark soul from beginning to the end. After its disappointing predecessor Horna manage to reclaim the Finnish Black Metal throne again and show no remorse towards its competition. The vocals of Spellgoth are excellent, the song-writing is excellent and the production is grimm yet crystal clear enough to make it a dark delight to listen to. Hail, Horna! for this dark piece of art and let us hope that they keep on making these kind of records for many more years. It leaves me hungry for more…….

Score: 8,1 / 10

Label: World Terror Committee
Review Made By: Erik

Track Listing:
1. Saatanan Viha
2. Elegia
3. Uneton
4. Sydänkuoro
5. Elävänä, Kuolleena
6. Kärsimysten Katedraali
7. Haudattujen Tähtien Yönä
8. Rakas Kuu
9. Unohtumaton
10. Mustat Vuodet
11. Pyhä Kuolema
12. Veriuhri
13. Ota Minut Vastaan


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