Helleruin – War Upon Man

You might have remembered that I was looking forward towards the full length of Helleruin a few months ago? Well here it is! New Era Productions gave me a physical copy and after more than a few spins the review is now available for you…

If you are looking for an intro please look up my previous review of Helleruin’s promo. I was very enthusiastic about this project were sole member and multi-instrumentalist Carchost concocted a few tracks on tape were. The primitive black metal on this tape me curious about a full length album. And well…the full length doesn’t disappoint at all!

The track “No Elegance/Entrenchment” can also be found on this album. Luckily, five new tracks can be found on “War Upon Man”. And they give pure hell!

Opener “None Of Us” is a black and roll song with great dark energy and really kicks in your eardrums. The primitive, harsh sound and simply superb Black Metal riffs are evil, dirty and keep sticking in your head. The same goes for “Passage” and all the other songs.
I have mentioned Cirith Gorgor, Gorgoroth and Graveland in the previous review. This still is the case with their full length. The raw sound aided with grimm melodies are intertwined with a low-fi, dark atmosphere. Until the last breath of “War Upon Man” the relative short, yet very effective tracks crafted are simply excellent and give an adrenaline punch which can be felt in all of your sick, sorry ass veins.

Is there anything to complain? Well, I already mentioned that the album is a little on the short side and if you have already heard the promo there are only five new songs left to discover. But hey!, if it’s executed in this manner I simply don’t care.
Let’s hope that Carchost keeps it up this way because “War Upon Man” is simply a great Black Metal album. The primitive charm will keep my cd player warm for a long time. I have mentioned several times that the Netherlands prove to have fertile ground in spawning great Black Metal music. And if you are doubting just give Helleruin a spin and you will surely agree.
Devotees of primitive Black Metal can add this album to their collection without hesitation. And if you aren’t a devotee just check this album out and maybe you will become one. Splendid album!

Score: 8,3/10
Label: New Era Productions

Review Made By: Erik

1. None Of Us
2. No Elegance / Entrenchment
3. Passage
4. Naar De Aarde Terug
5. No Light Shines Through
6. War Upon Man


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