Helleruin – Promo 2020

Do you know Orewoet, Gestalte and or Locus Amoenus? Do you know what they have in common? Carchost, that’s what they have in common. Sole member and multi-instrumentalist Carchost started Helleruin, a primitive black metal act spawning demo’s and (split) EP’s since 2015.

And with “Promo 2020”, very original name by the way, Helleruin is back with a two track counting EP/Demo containing “No Elegance / Entrenchment” and the follow up “Niemands strijd / Nobody’s Battle”. Just two songs so for one time I can make this review very short ;).

“No Elegance” reminds me a little of Cirith Gorgor, Gorgoroth, Graveland and other old school Black Metal acts; this song is excellent! It’s raw, harsh and has some great melodies and a solo which are woven into the primitive low-fi, grimm atmosphere. The production is very raw but sounds great! The last track “Niemandsstrijd” is a acoustic piece of work which is in contrast of the first track. Does not hinder since it is worth lending your ears to. So I can conclude that this promo contains a few excellent track, leaving my hungry for more.

Two tracks is way too short to give a decent review of Helleruin. Therefore I will not give a score of this demo. What I can say is that this cassette offers some great tunes in is a great teaser for the upcoming full length “War upon Man”. And I am really looking forward giving this album a review. And that means something!

Score: –
Label: New Era Productions

Review Made By: Erik

1. No Elegance / Entrenchment
2. Niemands strijd (acoustic)


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