Hellehond – Verslonden

Tired of fancy (Post-Black) Metal? Want to go back to basics? Well Hellehond is here and proves with a direct approach and without any subtlety that highly enjoyable music can be offered without any compromise. “Verslonden” is the very first release of Hellehond. And with (ex-)members of Asphyx, Wederganger and Rectal Smegma in their line-up it makes me curious what Hellehond is all about.

Hellehond produces raw, primitive and unpolished Black Metal. Formed in 2017 the general idea was making metal in the style of old Samael and Burzum. You do not need to listen carefully to conclude that they have succeeded. There is a multitude of references from the good old 80’ies and 90’ies hidden in this piece of work. The mix from Devo (Marduk) is raw and fits perfectly with the general atmosphere of this album. If you are into primitive Black Metal this album is certainly worth a listen. Do not expect any subtlety or fancy solos on this record. It is dark, straight to the point and evil. On at least one more track was added on this record.

Opening track “Kardoes” starts with a great guitar riff which immediately builds up the tension. This mid-paced track has a great dark atmosphere. With the splendid vocals of Botmuyl slightly on the background it makes this, and other, sinister track(s) highly enjoyable. It is good to hear that there is a prominent bass hearable .

“Verslonden” is in the same vein as its processor while the aggressive “Rattenvanger” and “Onbegraafbaar” have really mesmerising guitar and bass riffs. Personally these songs are the best this album has to offer without saying that the rest aren’t worth listening.

“Hamerslagen” is a mesmerising yet slower track which is compelling from beginning to the end. Together with last track “Kerkerlust” it really reminds me of good old (Black) Metal made in the eighties such as Celtic Frost.

Is this music original? Hardly! Doesn’t matter because it is executed with sheer pleasure and is a memorable, albeit short ride. A trip back to the good old days when Black Metal was still a very underground phenomenon. But besides the nostalgic feeling this record gives me it is just plain fun to listen to. The Netherlands again proves to be fertile ground and spawns yet another great Metal act with these Metal veterans. I do not know whether they have plans in playing live but let us hope Hellehond will conquer the stage very soon.

Score: 7,6 / 10
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Releasedate: December 6th 2019

Review made by: Erik

1. Kardoes
2. Verslonden
3. Rattenmantel
4. Onbegraafbaar
5. Hamerslagen
6. Over de Kling
7. Kerkerlust


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