Heinous – Demo I MMXVIII

Heinous is clouded in obscurity. Almost no information is shared with its audience. It seems that they have released a demo in 2018. Since New Era has a nose for illustrious Black Metal acts they decided to re-release it on cd. Given new artwork this piece of art is now available in limited edition. I hope it will get some attention since Heinous deserves it.

Heinous is presenting us good old fashioned nineties Black Metal with references to the Swedish, Finnish and French releases back from the day. As expected from a demo it does not have the strongest production but it has some serious, better said dangerous, charm. Especially because it breathes the atmosphere of the high days of Black Metal. Added with a pinch of Trash Metal this release satisfies my inner demon.

After the intro “Thirteen Thousand Knights” starts of. A great track: aggressive, in your face, Black Metal, nothing more, nothing less. Twenty minutes of unholy mayhem is being presented throughout this demo. Hardly, original but it definitely does its job well. Expect no subtlety; this is pure Black Metal for the connoisseur of underground music. Great stuff when you are into this kind of shizzle, especially when considering that it is “just” a demo. If you like well-produced mainstream Black: please leave it. If you like it raw and dirty: go ahead, you won’t be disappointed. As for me: I like it and can’t wait for a full length. I hope you will do too. So get your ass of the couch and get a copy while you still can!

Label: New Era Productions
Review made by: Erik

Score: 7,6 – 10
1. Thirteen Thousand Knights
2. Unholy Pyre
3. Heinous Majesty
4. Disciple Of Satan


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