Heidevolk – Wederkeer

Heidevolk is ready to get back into action with their new album “Wederkeer.”  New additions in the band’s lineup in the form of vocals (Daniel den Dorstighe), guitars (Mat Snaerenslijper) and drums (Kevin Houtsplijter) are sure to bring a new sound to the band and I cannot wait to listen to one of the biggest Dutch metal band’s new release.

The opener “Hagalaz” gives you the feeling of going into battle. With thundering claps and runic chanting this song gives off an epic feel and the heavy riffs make you feel it in your bones. With the first track you can hear what the lineup changes did to the band and it worked amazingly.

“Drink met de goden (Walhalla)” starts off a little less heavy than the first track of the album but the layered clean vocals in the beginning give the song a lot of dimension. The track tells you a story of a young man who goes into battle and starts a family and in the end reaches Valhalla. Especially with the music video this song is really awesome and shows how good the story and the song fit together. New vocalist Daniel den Dorstighe fits in perfectly with the Heidevolk energy and I can’t wait to see this play out on the stage. 

The third single of the album is the title track “Wederkeer,” which sounds like an acoustic campfire song where you tell your tales and drink your horns filled with ale. The addition of the violin gives it a peaceful theme and a lighter tone to some darker lyrics.

Schildenmuur” is the shortest track on the album but has a big message and a massive impact. I really felt that there could be a shield wall and the way the song is mixed also makes it sound like you are in one. 

Ijzige Nacht” starts with a heavy/dark guitar riff that sets the tone for this darker song. The mix between the multiple vocalists seems to transform your ears into this epic tale. In the middle of the song, the narrator tells you about the longest night of the year. For me, the addition of the narrator makes this an amazing track and maybe one of my favorites of the album. 

Overall “Wederkeer” is an amazing album that shows the growth of Heidevolk . Strap yourself in and let yourself be taken by the stories they tell you. The use of traditional medieval instruments is something that I cannot overlook and just works great. If you like folk metal this album should definitely be in your wishlist for 2023. The verdict is that with new band members the Heidevolk experience is still there and that it was worth the five year wait for the album.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: 24th February 2023
Label: Napalm Records


Writer: Antonie


  1. Hagalaz
  2. Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)
  3. Klauwen Vooruit
  4. Schildenmuur
  5. De Strijd Duurt Voort
  6. Oeros
  7. Wederkeer
  8. Ijzige Nacht
  9. Raidho
  10. Ver Verlangen
  11. Holda
  12. Zomervuur


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