Gost – Prophecy

It has already been three years since Gost released “Rites of Love and Reverence” (review you can read here). An intriguing album where Synth-Wave and Black Metal met. James Lollar, a.k.a. Ba’al-berith, works in a niche. While Perturbator, Carpenter Brut and many others have a more accessible sound, Gost is as dark the void. Lollar came from combining harsh electronics with more metallized (Black Metal) sound. I am quite fond of Dark Wave, Synth Wave, Electro, and kindred styles. Also, I am quite fond of Black Metal. This means this album of Gost should be my cup of tea. So, time again for a review of this unique project.

Prophecy is Gost’s sixth full-length. Once again, danceable tunes are mixed with Metal. While the previous album showed, albeit still very brutal at times, some refinement, this album leans more on “Valediction” (2019). Clinical electronic beats (think of early Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and many other acts in the genre) are combined with harsh, (digital) maniacal guitars, breakbeats and much more. The result is eclectic, chaotic, and unsettling with a high dose of energy and aggression. With every song you can expect the unexpected, resulting in an exhilarating trip full of emotional satanic outbursts.

Prophecy starts with “Judgment”. Electronics and samples slowly start to build up momentum and seamlessly flows in the aggressive title-track “Prophecy” which is danceable yet as hot as the pits of hell itself. “Death in Bloom” reminds me of a hyped up Nine Inch Nails track where death metal guitars, and the screams of Lollar make sure that the music is as compelling as it is nerve breaking.

The multi-layered “Deceiver” starts out relatively straightforward with its threatening beats. Again, your nerves are being tested with icy, desperate screams and feels like death is on your doorway, every threatening step of the way. “Temple of Tears” is,together with “Widow Song” and “Shelter”, the most excessive song of this album and should do well on a goth-party. It’s haunting, danceable and sounds really cool. A well-designed breather for all the mayhem to come.

I can easily explain how all thirteen songs sound and feel. I won’t do that because this simply won’t do this devilishly concocted album justice. Whether it is the highly danceable beginning of “Obituary”, the ultra-energetic “Decadent Decay”, “Golgotha” where death-metal guitar create a very harsh song or “Leviathan”, which pushes the gates of hell wide open: there’s plenty to discover on this raw, intriguing journey. The satanic character and unnerving (horror) themes in combination with the bipolarity (danceable tunes in combination with unbridled aggression) fit really well. And although this album is very gritty it will show its magical dark splendor after a few spins.

Together with the great atmosphere this album, Gost again has(however not digested easily) created an album which fits its already compelling discography. So dear reader, you should grasp now what this album is all about. If you like this kind of music, which acts on the fringes of Metal, you can get yourself a copy without hesitation. If your interest is awakened: listen to this album a few times and let the darkness seep in. You won’t be disappointed! Meanwhile, I am hoping to witness some of these tracks live very soon and will play this record a few times more. Great stuff for the adventurous music lover!

Score: 8,0

Label: Metal Blade Records

Release date: 8 March 2024

Reviewed By: Erik

  1. Judgment
  2. Prophecy
  3. Death in Bloom
  4. Deceiver
  5. Obituary
  6. Temple of Tears
  7. Decadent Decay
  8. Widow Song
  9. Golgotha
  10. Digital Death
  11. Shelter
  12. Through the Water
  13. Leviathan



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