Gloryhammer -Legends from beyond the galactic terrorvortex

Some of you might know that I am a sucker for a good story in a record. When you look at the Gloryhammer records, the story continues in “Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex”. And what a story it is. Have you ever killed a goblin on the moon? Have you ever rode an eagle to it’s doom? No? Then this might be the album for you.

In the first album Zargothrax (evil lord) appears, destroys Dundee with unicorns and falls to the hands of Angus, trapped in ice. Generations later the Wizards of Chaos arise and free Zargothax from his prison of ice. The 13th Angus McFife is the defender of the universe and wields the Astral Hammer.
The Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy helps Zargothax and becomes all powerful. He summons a demon lord, the Hootsman flies to earth from space and destroys it before the galaxy is destroyed. Zargothax escapes to a different dimension, leading into the next record. Angus follows him, but unlucky for him, Zargothax arrives quite some time before him, which enables him to become the Dark Lord of that age. Angus must do what he can to save the Galaxy.

Is this weird enough for you? I surely enjoyed listening to the adventures, accompanied with fitting music. The whole record feels like a soundtrack to a movie, game or animation. Actually, I would love to see a game of this, sure sounds like fun!
With sweeping power metal, the story of Angus McFife leads you through the land of Unicorns, let’s you seek out a rebellion and puts you on a quest for enchanted weapons. Some songs also shine a light on the side of Zargothax, yet since the songs all are sung in the same way, sometimes it’s unclear who is singing the lyrics. It would have been better if the “evil” songs had more of a “darker” sound to make it more clear what is happening in this story.

Nonetheless, Legends From Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex is the best Gloryhammer record thus far. It’s easy to listen to, lyrics are fun and the songs are very catchy. No song sounds the same and the album is over before you know it. We wonder what’s in store for the heroes, because the album leaves us with a cliffhanger again.

Label: Napalm Records
Release: 31st of May 2019

Rating: 8,5/10

Review by: Michael

1. Into the Terrorvortex of Kor-Virliath
2. The Siege of Dunkeld (In Hoots We Trust)
3. Masters of the Galaxy
4. The Land of Unicorns
5. Power of the Laser Dragon Fire
6. Legendary Enchanted Jetpack
7. Gloryhammer
8. Hootsforce
9. Battle for Eternity
10. The Fires of Ancient Cosmic Destiny
I: Dundaxian Overture
II: The Battle of Cowdenbeath
III: Return of the Astral Demigod of Unst
IV: The Knife of Evil
V: Transmission


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