Gaerea – Gaerea

Gaerea - Gaerea

The self titled EP (released in 2016 by Everlasting Spew Records) of Portugese (post) black metal formation Gaerea ended upon my desk quite randomly, yet I’m happy it did. Having only been around since 2016, the band has managed to stirr a few souls, since the debut EP has been praised by basically everyone who has heard it.

Gaerea’s explorations are firmly rooted in what you could call a ‘modern’ wave of black metal, in style of Polish Behemoth (The song “Santificato” states the Behemoth influence very clearly) and MGLA. The songs feature a similar, cold guitar groove, the vocals sound drenched of any hope, awakening a feeling comparable to With Hearts Towards None (“Final Call”). The vocals however,
touch upon hardcore than traditional black metal, with an icy feeling of desolation seeping through.

The star of this EP is the track “Void Of Numbness.” Featuring crushing vocals, razorsharp guitar in perfect interplay with the pounding drums that take a lead here, you are plunged into five minutes of thundering metal mayhem, with a touch of transcendental guitar lines finishing it off. This should have lasted twice as long if you ask me.

If I have to make out a point of critisism, it would be that Gaerea could do more to make their sound distinctive. Still, this being the band’s first EP, it is beyond impressive, creating the right image and atmosphere. I am sure they will develop themselves along the right path. This is one to watch people.

By Laetitia

Rating: 8.5/10
1. Sanctificato
2. Final Call
3. Pray To Your False God
4. Through Time
5. Void Of Numbness


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