Funeral Mist – Hekatomb

Better late than never is a phrase. This phrase also goes for the Funeral Mist “Hekatomb” review. The album has already been released six months ago. If I should make a year list of best metal albums this one is high in the ranks. It would be unfair that we wouldn’t treat your blackened ears on a review of some of the finest Black Metal 2018 has to offer.

We all know Arioch, better known as Mortuus, as the vocalist of Marduk. Since Legion has left Marduk Mortuus injected new devilish fuel in this unstoppable war machine. Since it is already nine years ago Funeral Mist has spawned a new album we tend to forget the sheer quality this project has to offer. Luckily this album will remind us.

“Hekatomb” is in exception of drums performed by Lars Broddesson (ex-Marduk) entirely played by Arioch. A job very well done by both Arioch en Broddesson. This album sounds a little less occult and has some references with Marduk’s latest albums in comparison with Funeral’s older work. But don’t worry: there is enough blood chilling atmosphere, mysticism and aggressiveness to keep your foul soul satisfied.

The album starts with “In Nomine Domini” which opens the gates of hell with a killer riff. “Naught but Death” reminds me of Hellhammer and will stick in your eardrums and will remain there. “Shredding Skin” is another speed monster which reminds me a lot of Marduk.

Cockatrice” starts very aggressive, calms down in the end and has a simple but very effective drum interlude towards “Metamorphosis” which has a spine chilling sampled choir. “Metamorphosis” reminds me of Funeral Mist’ earlier work Salvation and are together with the opener track and “Cockatrice” without any doubt my absolute favourites.

With the very aggressive short track “Within the Without” and ditto “Hosanna” ending track “Pallor Mortis” builds up slowly and is an absolute killer. After that I am immediately ready for another spin of this devilish record.

I am sorry to say but forget “Viktoria” of Marduk. “Hekatomb” surpasses my expectations and is one of the best metal albums delivered in 2018. With a well-balanced production, great song writing and one of the best shrieks, howl and screams a black metal vocalist had to offer this album is an absolute killer. If you are into Marduk, or better written a fan of Black Metal in general, this album is a must have. Check this one out!

Review by Erik

Rating: 9,0 / 10
1. In Nomine Domini
2. Naught but Death
3. Shedding Skin
4. Cockatrice
5. Metamorphosis
6. Within the Without
7. Hosanna
8. Pallor Mortis


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