Funeral Mist – Deiform

Just at the moment when 2021 reaches its end and I am making plans for making my year list on this beloved E-zine……. Funeral Mist makes an unannounced entrance in my stereo player, and what an entrance it is!

This time Arioch, a.k.a. Mortuus (from the legendary Marduk), manages to release seven blasphemous songs which keeps you on your edge of your seat. The wolves of Marduk have quite an impressive discography, and with Mortuus in its line-up they managed to create some superb Black Metal albums. But I must admit: the solo work of Arioch, sometimes aided by fellow musicians, beats Marduk in sheer quality. Although the discography of Funeral Mist is less big: albums such as “Salvation”, “Maranatha” and their previous devil “Hekatomb (2018)” show originality, craftsmanship and above all atmosphere and are sheer dark pleasure to delve in. Every Funeral Mist album is different in its approach yet the sound remains familiar. “Deiform” is no exception with its crude form of spiritual violence gaining its inspiration from divinity, mortality, death and blasphemy (among other topics).

“Deiform” is off with an excellent start when opener “Twilight of the Flesh” starts with thunder and Gregorian chant…slowly building up momentum until it bursts loose with its ravenous and aggressive middle part ending like a fading yet deadly candle before second track “Apokalyptikon” erupts in its pure and highly aggressive form.

Beginning with the subtle sample of forging iron “In Here” is another speed riff filled foul Black Metal anthem which ends with a haunting ambient piece of work aided with the unique, powerful and superb voice of Arioch. Especially the ending sends shivers through my spine and melts seamlessly with “Children of the Urn”. A track where a sample of children singing can be found setting a really gloomy atmosphere before reigning in terror with its devilish pace shifts. Wow! This song is so fuckin’ dark Satan’s nipples are stiffened from pleasure right from the start of this song. In my opinion one of the best Black Metal tracks of this year and that says something!

“Hooks of Hunger” has a more direct approach with destructive riffs destroying everything in its path. Title-track “Deiform” starts with a woeful wind and pounding drums and has some really cool melodies. Although the pace is slower this song is still as venomous as Funeral Mist can be.
Finisher “Into Ashes” accumulates the strength of this act. It simply starts with a sample of wind blowing while gradually implementing guitar. It slowly builds up terror and force with fierce lengthy riffs and subtle melodies. Together with the haunting vocals of Arioch the finishing bell in the end leaves you hungry for more. I have played this album almost non-stop for a week now and every time I discover new things making this album even more exciting.

This early Christmas surprise is one I will devour complete….flesh and soul. The production is excellent, the tracks are hauntingly dark yet beautiful and glitter like a dark gem in moonlight. A pure and uncompromising album where every track excels both individually and as being part of the album. “Deiform” will end up very high in my year list. A must have for every Black Metal fan around. Period. And did I already mention this one will get a high quotation on my year list? Did I? Well, that said buy yourself a physical copy of this blasphemous piece of work and you will certainly agree. Funeral Mist is back in optimal form crushing and devouring everything in its path. Hail Funeral Mist!

Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Review Made By: Erik

Score: 9.2 / 10

1. Twilight of the Flesh 09:38
2. Apokalyptikon 04:26
3. In Here 08:56
4. Children of the Urn 07:45
5. Hooks of Hunger 04:54
6. Deiform 09:09
7. Into Ashes 09:10


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