Forbidden Temple/Ultima Thule – Split

Usually I am not such a fan of split records. But with this one I will make an exception. With Forbidden Temple and Ultima Thule combining forces it got me curious. Especially when I look at the cover of this split, it brings the good old 90’s vibe back. And lucky me: this time curiosity didn’t kill the Black Metal cat but got rewarded with something this old gangster can appreciate.

Starting off with Forbidden Temple who treats you with a spine chilling intro with their first track “Call from the Ancient Woods”. This Flemish band presents primitive black metal in vein of Graveland. Recorded analogue the sound is clear and refers to the cheap productions of the first releases of the second wave of Black Metal. The four tracks presented here have their charismatic charms, especially when there is a light touch of keyboard in the background. Music for the devourer of underground Black.

When listening the first track “On The Howling Fog” from Ultima Thule the keyboards and guitar chords take me back to long forgotten times. It has the same reference as Forbidden but this act is slightly more aggressive and tighter than their Flemish brothers. The songs have a pinch of better production, a great drive and a firm dose of power and aggression. Especially the way the tension is build up at the last track “Silence & Snow”. It makes the second part of this split memorable and a joy to listen to.

Although this recording is probably only meant for die-hards it, in my opinion, has great value. I recommend checking this out if you like analogue Black Metal just like Darkthrone used to make. If you are into primitive and raw produced sounds it won’t be a loss for your money. I can assure you.

Label: New Era Productions
Score: 7,6/10

Review made by: Erik

I. Forbidden Temple: Intro
II. Call from the Ancient Woods
III. Arrival of Pagan Flames
IV. Massacre Winds
V. Ultima Thule: The Howling Fog
VI. False Light Dies In Their Eyes
VII. Silence & Snow


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