Party San Open Air 2017

Party San Open Air 2017

Over the course of years, the month of August has always been seen as the main month of open-air festivals, and in metal it wasn’t any different. Most festivals are in Europe, and so, there as little as possible chances of rain during that time. Although, as we see from time to time, European summer can be quite… wintery. But hey, this is Extreme Metal, so no one cares about a few drops, right? Right. All these years, one festival has stood above all others – Party.San Open Air. Up until 2010 it was held near Bad Berka (DE), a place that each year suffered some real nasty rain periods . Nasty rain creates really nasty mud and mud in those amounts (just check out the 2010 edition, traumatic stuff!), eventually forced the guys and gals behind the fest to move it to a much better location, Schlotheim.

Fast forwarding a few years and we’re Party San Open Air 2017, August. Forecast wasn’t so nice, with rain showers for a few days, but what’s good about the new location is that even if it does rain (and at a certain point it was kiiiiiinda heavy raining), it doesn’t get as muddy as others festivals in other places, so basically, who gave a fuck? Wednesday evening has been all about pitching tents, and inserting different substances into one’s body. Mostly by means of the throat and the digestive system. Alcohol, indeed, was in the right amounts and for the right price, and by 20:00, the “Metal Disco” had already begun, alternating between good music (from Judas Priest to Behemoth to Queen, for example), and less good music that basically counts on the fact that everyone around are too drunk to notice.

The morning after a tough night can be, also, tough. If you’re one of the lucky few not to wake up with a hangover (like me, weee!), you could already see a line of cars and other vehicles in the entrance. Aside from the line of cars, in the late hours of the morning, one could also observe men and women all walk in the same direction, looking like a scene from a zombie film. They were, of course, following a path to the nearest booth that offers coffee.

At noon, 2 shots of the army canons (that are set beside the stage) have been fired, marking the beginning of the day. People started pouring in the festival area, already filling up the lines in front of the merch booths and of course, in front of the bar(s). Opening the festival, were Night Demon, who came all the way from California to stand in front of a somewhat passive-looking crowd. It’s not that the band did anything wrong, as some traditional sounding tunes like “Full Speed Ahead“, “The Howling Man” and “Welcome to The Night” were real treats to fans of the genre, it’s just the nature of things for an opening act. Having said that, It’s quite obvious that the band sits tight with their material and that certain Tank/Iron Maiden influence is most certainly prominent over in the music.

Party San Open Air 2017Hastily, Polish extremists Azarath gave every metalhead around a rude awakening. Fast and furious drumming, violent vocals and flesh-ripping riffs are the name of the game, going back and forth between new and old material, such as “Holy Possession“, “At The Gates of Understanding” and the vicious “Whip The Whore” to name a few.

Can you take more Black Metal? Of course you can! Especially if it’s from Iceland. Lucifer (or Odin) knows what people eat and breath over there, because the sheer amount of quality bands that come out of there, is just unexplainable. One of those bands, is Misthyrming. The fellas started the band in 2013, and with their first (and as of now, only) full length album, received tremendous exposure and praise. The band brought a new breeze to the niche genre of Black Metal, and with it came a ton of gigs outside the borders of their cold country. Tracks such as “Söngur Heiftar“, “Friðþæging Blýþungra Hjartna” and others I can’t really pronounce, made is clear that these guys had been one of the acts that most the people around here today, have waited for. The sometimes-irregular structure of the songs, combined with some of the most memorable guitars work as of recent years, topped with horror filled throat-ish vocals, has been heard far and wide into the festival area, attracting more people, to witness this energy-packed group.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. No, not that, pervert. I know you were thinking what about some Death Metal, but don’t worry, because God Dethroned just went up on stage and basically tore everyone a new hole with their pissed-off tunes. Songs like “Soul Capture 1562“, “Warcult“, and other Dutch flesh ripping tracks have proven to everyone why these folks have been around since 1991, kicking and ripping their way through the years without backing down.

Party.San has always chose to (also) give stage time to smaller bands, as is the case with home-boys Mantar. The German duo’s meteoric rise to fame is a story for a later time, but let’s just sum up and say that when speaking about Mantar, we’re speaking about an intercourse between some of the angriest musical moments, and… I don’t know, Transformers battling Decepticons. Yes, I’m kidding, but you get the point. It’s massive, it’s great, and it has no Bass. Why? I don’t know and I don’t care, because it sounds great and that’s what’s important. “Era Borealis“, “Cross The Cross“, “Cult Witness“, and “White Nights” simply made the crowd (and yours truly) go wild. It seems like the band is still a bit overwhelmed by the amount of support and love they get when performing, because even though musically, it was tighter than a nuclear facility’s lock, the beginning seemed a bit distant. No worries, as Hanno, a humanoid creature that seems to weigh 40kg with his shoes on, quickly began to loosen up, creating a whole aura of blasting energy on the stage. It’s quite amazing that such a thin figure could create so many buckets of sweat, leaving me only wishing that more vocalists had half the energy this guy has and half his excitement when performing.

Now, in order to get all that energy back, one would find one’s self often walking around to the nearest beer area. Here, PartySan excels once more – a short walk to an elevated long bar, and you already have a cold Kostritzer in your hand, for a really reasonable price. Of course, you could also take Coke, Water, Sprite and everything in between for similar prices, but we don’t care about that too much now, do we? If beer doesn’t necessarily float your boat, a few meters in the opposite direction, near the Tent stage, and you’ll find yourself in front of the Cuba-Libre booth, where you can get, surprisingly, Cuba Libre drinks.

Party San Open Air 2017By 20:40, the darkness began to take over the area, and surely it was appropriate, because watching Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult during daylight could’ve been somewhat odd. Hailing from north of the Rhein, DNS is a band that always has a warm welcome in PartySan and for good reason – I honestly don’t think there was one person in the crowd who didn’t seem to at least like them. Sure, it may not be the most original band ever, but these guys (and girl) are damn good at what they do, and in this case it’s quite enough. The attire of Yvonne “Onielar” wore on stage also looked great – dirty, white robes, covered in blood, a good-looking contrast to the darkness that surrounded the performance. Flesh-ripping newer tracks like “Omnis Immundus Spiritus” stood strong next to older tracks, like “Hora Ruid” and “The Descent To The Last Circle“, all the while as these were combined with smart fire-spewing canisters, adding another dimension to the brutal show.

The weather in Thursday was quite ok at the beginning, but as the day progressed and the blue skies turned black, and the Thuringian clouds have decided to greet us with rain that would accompany us for the next day. I’m guessing that the second band a lot of people have waited for in Thursday, aside from the headliners obviously, was Urfaust. The brilliant duo have been doing their thing since 2003, and while they began as a name that was spoken in the most underground of circles, it quickly spread, and now, there’s pretty much zero metalheads who’ve never heard the name. The band kept their atmospheric influences floating as the stage was literally filled with smoke that hid both IX and VRDRBR. This, with the vocals heights and abilities that IX can reach, created the effect of a constant sound that mysteriously comes out of the smoke.

Overkill may not be my own personal cup of tea (hey, don’t pick that stone up!), but by the time “Mean Green, Killing Machine”, the hordes of thrash lovers have already crammed up in front of the stage to bang their heads and begin a massive pit. Alternating between older and newer material, and so tracks like “Rotten To The Core” could be heard besides “Electric Rattlesnake“, “Goddamn Trouble“, “Ironbound“, and finishing up with the band’s cover for “Fuck You” (by The Subhumans). Overall, even I, who doesn’t particularly listen to these American veterans every day, found the performance to be a brilliant one.

Party San Open Air 2017

The second headliner of the first day was none other than Abbath! The man who headlined legendary blackers Immortal, has formed his own entity a couple of years ago, and it is basically what Immortal should’ve sounded like today. The self titled debut has reaped countless praises and this, in turn, brought a tremendous amount of performances. A lifelong career also helps, duh. The angry Norwegians blasted their way with material mainly from their (so far only) album, setting the temper with “To War!“. What I like about Abbath, is that as contrast to the earlier days of Immortal, nowadays he doesn’t take the imagery too seriously. Yes, the well known Abbath-ish corpse paint is obviously there and the music is aggressive, but in countless moments you could see the man laughing, smiling and having fun in general. “Winterbane” and “Ashed of The Damned” both made a quick appearance, as the band sort-of warmed the crowd up for some real treats, being covers of… Immortal. And so, well known tracks such as “Tyrants“, “One By One“, “All Shall Fall” and the now-legendary “Solarfall” have sent the crowd wild. Immortal, uh, I mean, Abbath, as a band, is honestly one of the best treats a festival could have, as their music manages to touch pretty much everyone who ever came into the extreme music genre.

Remember the cannons from yesterday? Well, today they fired at 11. People still have that yellowish thingies in their eyes at a festival at 11, people still haven’t peed, people still haven’t found out what’s the name of the person that’s casually sleeping naked in their tent next to them, uh… I mean, you get the idea.

Anyway! By 12:00, one could already hear the guttural and fat riffs of Gut, with their Grind/Pornogrind, which was directed mainly at those strong enough to bear it. I wasn’t one of them, but you could see enough flying heads around to understand that the tradition of PartySan having a weirder band as an opening act, isn’t going to stop since most people like it. By the time the grinders have finished their stage bukkake, I have already made my way through some of the merch stands before the next performance. This is another element the festival is excelling at, having the same number of booths each year, directed at certain parts of the metal community, and so, one could stumble upon the likes of Season Of Mist, Van Records, Queen Of Darkness, other indie shops, and of course Cudgel. All offering large amounts of CDs, vinyl and merch to choose from and spend some hard earned cash.

Merch aside, I bet that if one looks up a band that split up, reformed, split up again, and came back together again a gazillion times, one would probably find Demilich reigning supreme over that aspect. Not only that, but with their PartySan performance, they also proved to the world that they’re reigning over many other bands in the extreme genre they belong in. It’s not that the band has so much material to choose from, after all, they’re mainly known for their Nespithe album from 1993, but it provides enough evil, disgusting tunes (in the best way possible, yeah?) to have the German crowd go nuts. From “When The Sun Drank The Weight Of Water“, through “The Sixteenth Six Tooth Son Of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions” (say that 3 times fast, I dare you) and via the disgustingly heavy “And The Slimy Flying Creature Reproduce In Your Brains“, there weren’t many who stayed in their campsites during this show, by the show’s ending, I was already looking for a bit of relaxation time, and with a beer in hand, I found a nice place to sit at and enjoy the view.

This didn’t actually happen, because I usually don’t just sit at festivals and besides, it’s Hammer time, and when I say hammer, I mean the almighty Demolition Hammer! They say that old guys do it better and boy oh boy, were they right. The mad New Yorkers were back with a bang, and It’s a bang that would leave no head in an upright position, because when “Skull Fracturing Nightmare” began, hordes of riff-hungry dudes and dudettes went pretty much apeshit, only to continue the movement with the classics like “Hydrophobia” and “Omnivore“. The weather didn’t stop anyone, and soon enough a nice-sized (that’s what she said) mosh pit occurred, with Steve (vocals, bass) educating the crowd about how they’re simply not crazy enough and he wants to see some bodies being surfed to stage. The crowd on their behalf – answered the call. I honestly think that the amount of “Fuck” that was said during that gig hasn’t been surpassed by anything. This kind of music has no age and I never thought I’d see Demolition Hammer live, but there they were, blasting my ears with some of the best Thrashy/Groovy tunes ever written. If I’m being honest here, I seriously think that this was one of the best performances PartySan has booked in this year’s edition.

Vital Remains aren’t usually my cup of tea (or glass of beer), but you can be sure that these guys know how to do at least two things right, and that is menacing, spine-breaking, church-burning Death Metal that takes no prisoners, the second is having fun with their crowd. When “Icons Of Evil” start playing, you know damn well what kind of journey you’re getting yourself into, and that journey is filled with some of the most evil and filthy sounding moments one can have. Big guy Brian Werner commands this legion of angry anti-religious fanatics, and from time to time he takes a break from spewing his propaganda, to jump into the crowd and have some, well, fun. German crowds can be anything from calm to fucking crazy, and make no mistake, the music managed to inject renewed energies into everyone.

The American wave continues with Uada, who were on at 16:30. The thing about these Portland folks, isn’t that they’re bringing something totally new to the table. Their taste of Black Metal isn’t something you’ve never heard before, but amongst thousands of bands that try to do the same, these guys are actually doing it (very) well, and the responses worldwide fit their level, as their debut album from last years did strike some waves in the extreme music world. “Natus Eclipsim” and “Devoid Of Light“, “Black Autumn, White Spring” as examples, are just very memorable and so was the performance, whether it’s because of the very good riffs, the atmosphere the band manages to enhance, or the minimalist-looking shows with singers whom we do not know how they look like. Surely, not a gig to miss out, if you’re ever in the area where these guys play.

Slowly but surely, bigger names started appearing on this Friday evening, and Moonsorrow has been the first one. The now-veteran Black/Folk Metal band, went up on stage with a nice amount of blood decorating their faces and bodies, and hastily went on to present their ancient sound. Swapping between newer material like “Jumalten Aika” from the album that carries the same name and the gloomy “Suden Tunti” from the same latest album, the group went on to playing the well-known, older track “Sankaritarina“, and managed to show that even though they’ve existed for quite some time, the band managed to re-invent themselves with almost every album they’ve put out, and each song has been received with roars and a warm welcome. “Ihmisen Aika” sealed the wonderful performance, and it added to the whole feel that the Finns are slowly working to increase their range of emotions in their songs, an element which wasn’t so apparent in Moonsorrow’s previous albums and is a welcome addition.

If you picked up a beer while walking around after the Finns finished their performance, you’d need to be pretty damn fast with it, since Aura Noir won’t permit you to remain still and drink from your cup. It’s been 7 years since these angry Norwegians have visited PartySan, at the notorious “Mud Edition” of Bad Berka and boy, we all sure hoped they came with energies to get this evening running properly. And yes, they did. Armed with no less than five full lengths, the band commenced with “Sons Of Hades” and at that exact moment, it was clear that when one is watching Aura Noir live, one will always feel that the current performance is better than the previous time he saw them ripping the stage in two. The band moved on to newer tracks such as “Hades Rise“, “Fed To The Flames“, before returning to “The One Who Smite” and of course “Black Thrash Attack“. The dynamics between Aggressor, Blasphemer and Appollyon is a sight to see, as all the material sits just right, yet still has enough projected feel to it in a way that won’t let you forget it’s all a live performance. Their gigs are wild, the music is fast, the sweat flows, what more do I need?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Vader are a great band to hear and see, but I had to collect all the bits and pieces of myself after the phenomenon that is called Aura Noir kicked my ass without any mercy, and so I went out a bit, and hopped on the shuttle bus to Schlotheim (which runs regularly each day of the festival, a very smart move on behalf of the organizers), a town that on one hand looks amazing (like the whole area, pretty much), but on the other hand, like it’s kind of stuck in 1920, so finding an ATM over there could be a bit of a trouble.

Back at the festival ground, it was already time for some Egyptians to come and take control of the stage and so, Nile has come up, led by the one and only Karl Sanders, which also have his own brilliant side project. While their brand of Technical Death Metal isn’t really my thing, I do enjoy watching these Pharaohs live because they’re just that good, and songs such as “Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar” and “Kafir” as small examples, are just a wonder to watch on stage. The song structure is very technical, almost goes up to a Progressive level, intertwines with the Oriental music influences that Karl has put in, as clearly heard in the likes of “In The Name Of Amun“, and the combination between Karl and Brian’s vocal abilities are adding another layer of meaty aggression to the music.

Enough of all this Death Metal, you say? Alright! Time for some slow, steady Doom, and who’s better at it than Candlemass themselves? The band that changed their singer about a thousand times, has Mats on the mic and he’s bringing his own throat to the table and for me, it was the first time I’ve ever saw these Epic Doomsters, so seeing him controlling the classics like “Mirror Mirror“, “Bewitched“, “A Cry From The Crypt” and “Solitude” has been a welcome introduction to the world of Candlemass shows, even though I have to say that this usually isn’t my kind of music, so in some slow moments, it added a bit to the general tiredness.

Well, scratch that, because the notorious Autopsy arrived to seal Friday! It’s hard to imagine there was anyone out of the 9,000 attendants of the festivals who didn’t recognize “Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay” right away, and moreover, didn’t break his neck while banging to the beginning of “In The Grip Of Winter“, both from the highly-regarded Mental Funeral album. The gore-ish performance continued on with tracks in the likes of “Fleshcrawl“, “Burial“, and my all-time favorite, “Gasping For Air“, I just can’t get enough of Joe’s bass work here, turning the whole song to be so damn massive, only to be topped excellently with the fat-sounding yells of the vocalist. The amount of gigs under Autopsy’s belt are showing clearly – as the amount of crowd-control they’re capable of, is pretty much amazing. Germans can sometimes be half-asleep during gigs, but when they wake up, like in this case… they wake up. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a head flying in the moshpit.

German summer can be a bit… bipolar. One day it’s raining dogs, the next day it’s damn hot. Saturday, however, has been uber-nice, for the major duration of it, and was something in between. In contrast to previous days, I made an effort to actually be in time for the opening act of the last festival day, because I wouldn’t want to miss out on Gruesome Stuff Relish. Opposite to most Grind bands out there that make my ears bleed because I’m a damn wimp when it comes to Grind, these guys make it sound awesome. It’s groovy, it makes you jump and bang your head at the same time, their mix of elements make it sound good even for me, and with short yet furious songs named like “Zombie Wizard“, “Die Zombie Die“, “Cannibal Freakout” and the likes, that half an hour passed like two minutes. If we had enough of zombie hunting and flesh eating, it’s time for something a little more serious, a little more personal, a little sadder.

Mourning Beloveth has been a niche band for quite some time now, having their brew of melancholic Doom/Death turn mostly to the hardcore heads of the genre, yet it’s easy to see why it attracts a ton of other people from remote musical styles, as well, when played live. Make no mistake, this may be slow and steady, but it’s as heavy as my stomach after a whole cheesecake, as “The Sickness” and “The Mantle Tomb” been the prime examples for that. The daylight outside may not have been the best settings for such depressive tunes, even more so as the band progressed to “Nothing Has A Centre” but hell, the Irish bunch managed to project their atmosphere even when the sun was high and hot, and seeing Bones, Pauric and the rest sitting so tightly on the material, while having a blast on stage, is sometimes hypnotizing.

If we had enough of the Irish’s band loud despair-ish music, it’s time to go back in time a bit. Formed in the goddamn 80s in Sweden, a bit before the whole Scandinavian mess of the early 90s, and had their debut full length come out through the infamous Deathlike Silence label, yes, I’m talking about the one and only Merciless! I never thought I’d actually catch Rogga (vocals) and his bunch live somewhere, so I was damn happy when they announced they’re going to play in the festival. Keeping it short, I wasn’t disappointed and a whole lot more than that! The ultra-fast “Feebleminded” had successfully implemented a turmoil within the crowd, causing an immediate spike in moshing and banging. Hastily, the band continued on to older songs, with the legendary “The Awakening” , “Dying World” and of course “Pure Hate“, all throwing me back a good amount of years back in time, and I honestly think I lost a good few liters of sweat while banging.

Hades Almighty (previously just Hades) went up next, another formidable, veteran band with a ton of supporters, who fit just right into this Extreme metal festival, and even if 14:30 isn’t really the time for the Almighty’s style of Black Metal, it was still amazing to see how songs like “The Dawn Of The Dying Sun“, “Crusade Of The Underworld Hordes“, and “Funeral Storm” to name a few, manages to not only remain relevant today, but also influencing other bands today, years after its formation.

Beer running down my now-almost-gone throat, I’ve put my feet in the direction of the stage, to catch Cryptopsy. I hardly think anyone reading this needs an explanation who these guys are, I’ll just say that the gig in the festival has been one of the Non So Vile tour, which means (obviously) that the Canadian bunch played their most successful album in it’s entirety and it was massive. The fast paced “Crown Of Horns”, the flesh ripping riffs of “Slit Your Guts“, “Dead And Dripping” has been mesmerizing to see live, and even “Phobophile” was there to make everyone go psychotic on each other, with it’s calm-then-brutal beginning. A treat by PartySan!

Continuing on, I guess you remember Mantar, right? Well, here we have another Extreme duo to deal with, the almighty Inquisition. We at Metal-Exposure simply love the American/Columbian couple, that since 1989 have been showing absolutely zero mercy and zero care for other people’s opinions about how their music should sound like, while spanning on no less than 7 full length albums and a pile of other releases. “From Chaos They Came” from the band’s latest album opened the gig with what can be described as a (good) kick to the face, and continued with songs like “Hymn For a Dead Star“, “Dark Mutilation Rights“, and “Ancient Monumental War Hymn“, all from previous releases, and it was all just damn sharp, like a knife twisting in a priest’s stomach. Incubus sometimes manages to blur the line between man and machine with his ferocious drumming speed, while Dagon shows how his rasps manage to remain as dirty and low as he can possibly make them, giving the music that special Inquisition sound.

We slowly got into the realm of darkness and evil-filled evening, and so Necrophobic decided to play their tunes to a crowd that has already been warmed up by the previous hell-dwellers, and so “Spawned By Evil“, “Dreams Shall Flesh” and the wicked “Revelation 666” showcased the band in their outmost peak, musically.

One of the first bands I ever saw outside the borders of my own little country, has been the Finnish Insomnium, and from that point on I realized they’re one of the best acts to include on stage, yes, their shows aren’t exactly in the Gwar-level of shock, but these guys connect with the crowd through their music and through the atmosphere they manage to create and deliver to the ears and eyes in front of them, and so emotion-driven tracks like “While We Sleep“, “The Killjoy” and “Against The Stream” are unquestionable proofs that the band manages to mingle in with the other, more extreme acts on the festival, even if sometimes the contrast between the genres seem odd.

Continuing on, one band that PartySan is totally, undisputedly, their home turf, is Desaster! Coming all the way from Western Germany, these Rhine-dwellers has been going strong since 1988 and have visited the festival for many times. They’re well accepted, with huge amounts of supports and huge amount of love from each and every person attending the festival, it thus make the whole connection with the crowd to be one of the prominent things the band manages to do. Almost-classics like “In A Winter Battle“, “Tyrants Of The Netherworld“, “Hellbangers“, “Teuronic Steel“, “Metalized Blood” and countless others have all been there, while watching Sataniac, Infernal and Odin all together simply having fun doing what they do in front of a roaring crowd that’s just keeps on coming, when Tormentor bangs the leather tums on the back, giving a (Metalized!) spine to the whole madness that’s going on stage.

I wanted to have little break from going taking pictures and front-row crazy, so I went back a little, to have a nice drink or Satan forbid, put something in my mouth (not that!). Alas, before I finished my first bite, I could already hear the first riffs of the Death/Thrash machine that is Possessed, and so luckily I didn’t miss anything. Schooling other bands isn’t something I like to see happening a lot, but with the Americans it happened quite a lot, as these guys are still reigning supreme, and have more energy than most Death Metal bands out there today. Beats me how, but “Swing The Axe“, “My Belief“, “The Exorcist” and a ton of other oldschool material by (one of) the founders of their genre, left a really, really high score for other bands to beat.

If Possessed has been too slow for you, whoever you are, it’s time to turn the tables and turn the smoke machine to an unbearable level, to a level you wouldn’t be able to see almost anything, and heed to Marduk‘s chants of war! Another band that the crowd in PartySan loves with all it’s black heart. The Swedish Black Metal veterans began with the ultra-fast “Panzer Division Marduk” that drove everyone mad in the most brilliant way, talk about an opener. The band progressed into more recent material, with “Frontschwine” leading the charge, even if some of the opinions about it back when it came out weren’t as positive, it held its own when played live and to it, the more melodic “The Blond Beast” joined, right before the Swedish group circled back to previous albums and played memorable tunes like “Of Hell’s Fire” , “Throne Of Rats” and “Cloven Hoof“, proving that their uber-fast, Hellish tracks are not something one might forget easily. I have no idea how Mortuus’s throat survives the shrieks, growls and bloodied yells he puts into the music, but the effort is there nonetheless. The band finished their absolutely stellar performance with “Wolves“, which was a damn nice treat for everyone, being taken from the band’s best album up to date, according to most.

Co-Headliners Triptykon went up with 90% Celtic Frost material, as expected, and didn’t let anyone down, when the steady “Procreation (Of The Wicked)” began and with it, headbanging sessions of almost 9,000 people, that wouldn’t shame anyone. Listening to “Goetia” live has been a massive experience, but catching “Ain Elohim” has even surpassed that, Tom G. Warrior always knew how to exceptionally write music that on one hand would be ideology-driven, and on the other wouldn’t be pompous, and all the while would leave the crowd craving for more, and that more has indeed happened with the almighty “Circle Of Tyrants” and of course with the one and only, everyone’s personal favorite, “Morbid Tales“.

With the last moment of a running smoke machine, with the last riff, with the last light being turned off, another edition of PartySan has ended. There are many reasons why we keep coming back to Thuringia and to this festival and there are enough reasons why people who’ve only been there once, decided to come back next year as well. It’s not as big as others, it’s not as small as others, but it’s in the best middle spot that can be, and it’s damn well organized and has damn brilliant billings every year.

See you there in 2018!

Report by Omer

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