Festival report: Party San Open Air 2017

Party San Open Air 2017

Fast forwarding a few years and we’re Party San Open Air 2017, August. Forecast wasn’t so nice, with rain showers for a few days, but what’s good about the new location is that even if it does rain (and at a certain point it was kiiiiiinda heavy raining), it doesn’t get as muddy as others festivals in other places, so basically, who gave a fuck? Wednesday evening has been all about pitching tents, and inserting different substances into one’s body. Mostly by means of the throat and the digestive system. Alcohol, indeed, was in the right amounts and for the right price, and by 20:00, the “Metal Disco” had already begun, alternating between good music (from Judas Priest to Behemoth to Queen, for example), and less good music that basically counts on the fact that everyone around are too drunk to notice.. Read the full report here!


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