Festival Report : Midgardsblot 2018

Midgardsblot 2018 – Here we come!

The Midgardsblot festival in Norway is a special place for some of us at Metal Exposure. Ever since first attending the fields, fjord, burial mounds and the majestic Gildehalle at this unique event, we were enchanted by it’s atmosphere. Determined not to miss a single edition, we headed North. Maybe not a festival you just visit for the line up, although that was pretty damn decent this year, with Dimmu Borgir, Rotting Christ and Ensiferum and perhaps lesser known acts Grift, Saor Darkher and many others…

but…you visit Midgardsblot for the total experience. Join us on our 1000 km trek to southern Norway and see what can be seen, learned and laughed about. Read All!


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