Editor’s pick 2021: Fëàriel

2021 has been a hell of a year, what with the return of live music (sort of), and a ton of new death metal albums. I got to mosh since the first time since pandemicon, and I’m definitely looking forward to some of the upcoming tours booked for 2022, if everyone’s dearest friend Corona doesn’t decide to come knocking those plans.

The new releases really kept me going during the tougher times of my in-progress Ph.D, too – a couple that hit my soul with particular impact include Lorna Shore’s “To the Hellfire” (man, I could listen to those pig squeals at the end all day), as well as the breathtakingly awe-inspiring “From Ruin We Rise”, by Shadow of Intent.

That said, there were a ton of great albums out in 2021 – in no particular order, here are mine:

1. ….And I Return to Nothingness (EP) – Lorna Shore

2. Elegy (EP) – Shadow of Intent

3. Graveside Confessions – Carnifex

4. Kin – Whitechapel

5. Dark Connection – Beast in Black

6. House of Mirrors (single) – Arch Enemy

7. Angel or Alien – Born of Osiris

By: Fëàriel


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