Duindwaler – In het Heemskerks Duin

If you have read last year’s review of “Verloren Vertellingen” you have read my enthusiasm of the bands presented on this album. Duindwaler was one of these bands, and in that review I mentioned: “Daan (sole musician of this musical endeavor) proves to be an accomplished musician and I hope to hear much more of Duindwaler in the near future.”

Well, it didn’t take a long time, because the future is here. This time Duindwaler presents its first full length. This means it’s time for another review to dissect the six concoctions presented on “In het Heemskerks Duin”.

On the review of “Verloren Vertellingen” I mentioned that this act presents raw, orthodox Black Metal. With the newest spawn, this is also the case. Never change a winning formula, isn’t it? And deservedly so because I can find the tracks of the above-mentioned album frequently on my record player. Regarding the newest album:  at first it took me quite some time to fully grasp the songs. The production is primitive, gritty, and very raw. After playing the album in full several times the songs showed their qualities. The songs are rooted in the legendary nineties, which is a plus in my opinion. The vocals are harsh, raw, and low pitched but fit the music very well. Also, this time Dutch folklore, tales, and history are again packed in Dutch lyrics adding extra atmosphere.

But I must admit that the songs sometimes are a bit too repetitive for my taste. Especially the drums are pummeling their way through the songs and, except for some stops, pattern shifts and breaks, could have had a bit more variety. Also, I am missing some variety. Simply put: the songs, albeit executed very well, tend to show a lot of resemblances towards each other.

The album starts with “Vaderlands Vuur”, which roughly translated means fatherland’s fire, and takes no prisoners. Expect no intro, Duindwaler starts with brute force and great guitar riffs creating a dark and intense atmosphere. “Razende Wind” (raging wind) is in the same vein as its predecessor. Its fast, aggressive and blasts through your speakers (or whatever output you are using) until the slower mid-section gives you a breather … albeit just for a while.

The title track “In het Heemskerks Duin” is in the same vein, and here is where I am starting to miss some variety, as mentioned above. Although the songs on their own sound great, have great riffs and show an atmosphere I really can appreciate, the songs combined are starting to feel too similar. The same goes for the remaining three songs.  It took me some effort to listen tothis album in one go. And that’s a pity because Daan can surely make some haunting and brooding songs. Especially when listening to the closing track “Schim in de Duinen” you can hear real promise for the future. This song really nails it with great guitar riffs, momentum and tension and proves to be a fitting closing track which makes you hungry for more.

So, in the end “In het Heemskerks Duin” is a good album but doesn’t meet my expectations. Just a little more variety and some slower tracks, just to give some time to recuperate as a listener, and Duindwaler has the right recipe to be on top of their game and being a good contender for the Dutch Black Metal throne (although there is a lot of competition). On the other hand, this album isn’t something to be ashamed of either. There are plenty of great song structures to be discovered, and overall the song writing and production fits the genre and should please Black Metal fans. Just give this album a go yourself and decide whether I am right or not on behalf of my remarks.


Score:  7,0 / 10

Review made by: Erik

Label: War Productions
Release Date: 25 March 2024

Track list:

  1. Vaderlands Vuur
  2. Razende wind
  3. In het Heemskerks Duin
  4. Het Duister bestormd
  5. Alle rust verdwenen
  6. Schim in de Duinen


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