Dragonforce – Warp Speed Warriors

I must be honest, my first introduction to Dragonforce was through the game Guitar Hero. To be fair, I could never play “Through the Fire and the Flames” on a higher difficulty than medium, but ever since my interest for the Brits has grown.

“Warp Speed Warriors” is Dragonforce’s ninth studio album, following “Extreme Power Metal” which was released in 2019. This means it’s been the longest period of time between albums and the main question is, was it worth the wait.

Right from the start, it’s clear that Dragonforce is continuing the path it has set on for the last couple of years. The album artwork is kind of similar to that of the previous record and songs follow the same futuristic and game related themes. Previously Dragonforce sang about Skyrim and Castlevania. Now inspiration is gotten from Legend of Zelda in “Power of The Triforce”, which is a fun fast song, and Warhammer in “Space Marine Corp”. For me the latter doesn’t really hit the spot. Maybe that’s because of the military style of the song, with a drill sergeant somewhere in the middle. It kind of reminds me of “Captain Jack” and it just doesn’t sound like Dragonforce to me.

Sadly, that’s the same for a couple more songs. In general the album has that typical Dragonforce feeling with fast paced songs and great guitar solos. Yet a few songs like the mentioned “Space Marine Corp” and “Doomsday Party” feel too poppy for me. It feels as if the Brits want to join in on the popularity of Electric Callboy when listening to “Doomsday Party”.

These are just two small flaws on a great album nonetheless. As “Astro Warrior Anthem” starts, it’s all we know from Dragonforce. Fast guitars with great solos, drums and enough variety to keep you hooked. Same goes for “Burning Heart” and the very well made cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”.

All in all, Warp Speed Warriors will grasp you and if you look past some gimmicks which Dragonforce is trying, there is plenty to keep you entertained. With some stellar songs and a few songs that just don’t hit the spot for me, the band stays on the familiar path most fans will still enjoy.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: March 15th 2024
Label: Napalm Records

Writer: Michael


01. Astro Warrior Anthem
02. Power of the Triforce
03. Kingdom of Steel
04. Burning Heart
05. Space Marine Corp
06. Prelude to Darkness
07. The Killer Queen
08. Doomsday Party
09. Pixel Prison
10. Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) (DRAGONFORCE’s Version)

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