Dong Open Air 2015

In a few weeks, metal-exposure will be heading towards the Dong Open Air Festival once more.
Since 2007, our crewmembers have been visiting this festival, and we haven’t missed a single year after that.
We can genuinely say it’s one of our favourite festivals, since the atmosphere is always great and cosy.
Besides the fact that the festival always has some big names as headliners (Carcass, Gamma Ray, Eluveitie), there also is space for the unknown and underground bands, and the festival provides a great opportunity to discover some bands you may never heard of, but that you whish you had known earlier!
Add a unique location, the top of the Dong hill, to this and the recipe for one of the best weekends in the year is complete.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, or if you want more information about the festival, you can visit the official Dong website

For our impressions of the previous years, click on the link below:

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