Dodenbezweerder – Vrees de Toorn van de Wezens verscholen achter majestueuze vleugels

With illustrious acts as Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating, De Magia Veterium and tons of other illustrious acts you might think that Maurice has enough projects were his sinister and dark creativity can be satisfied with. Nothing is farther from the truth because the creativity of this gifted musician never stands still. With yet another outlet Dodenbezweerder, which means necromancer, Maurice indulges you with another of his sinister broodings. This time accompanied with with S on drums. After a few demo’s the EP “Zwarte Sluiers” it is no time to unsettle the world with their first full length “Vrees de Toorn van de Wezens verscholen achter majestueuze vleugels” which is translated into English “Fear the wrath of the creatures hidden behind majestic wings”. A justified title to this terrifying album.

If you know other acts of Maurice you know that this album will be unpleasant, dark, maniacal, sinister and gloomy. It took me a few spins to grasp this work of darkness. The production is quite lo-fi but after getting used to it the sinister splendour reveals itself and covers you in a dreadful mist. They describe the music as Necromantic improvisational Black Doom. And the description is quite accurate. With almost unrecognisable guitars and dark, gothic synths the music is a claustrophobic, eerie and unsettling experience.

Starting with a simple yet effective drum beat the first and title track is haunting you with dreadful guitar riffs and howling screams. A perfect interlude to agony.
Follow up “Als het vuur van mijn toorn is ontstoken zal het branden tot in het diepste dodenrijk ” and other tracks are in the same vein while “Opgeslokt door ontzielde leegte” spreads an unsettling atmosphere while slightly holding back on guitar and giving the synths and maniacal voice maximum exposure. Last track “Haat in het aangezicht van de verscheurde zielen” is a fitting conclusion to the madness found on this album.

It would do injustice analysing this album to shreds with a review. The unsettling nature of this project is something you can grow accustomed to but will take some effort. I am without any doubt willing to take this effort. Overall, “Vrees de toorn van de wezens verscholen achter majestueuze vleugels” is an album you have to experience. It will take a few spins to digest but when it grips you it has a haunting, claustrophobic effect, just like all the majority of other musical projects coming from Maurice. If you are a fan of the above mentioned acts you can purchase this album blindly. This music is not meant to be indulged by the great mass. So it is up to you dear reader, but let me tell you: if you are into something dark, cold, claustrophobic and unsettling then you should give it a try. This really is an intriguing, unpleasant and vile piece of work. And I can appreciate the contents of it thoroughly.

Score: 7,7 / 10
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Review made by: Erik


1. Vrees de toorn van de wezens verscholen achter majestueuze vleugels
2. Als het vuur van mijn toorn is ontstoken zal het branden tot in het diepste dodenrijk
3. Opgeslokt door de ontzielde leegte
4. Glimmende zwaarden door de mist van het evangelie
5. Zalf de voeten van het hoofdeloze lichaam
6. Haat in het aangezicht van de verscheurde zielen


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