Dikasterion – MMXVIII

You might have noticed that I’ve reviewed quite a lot of releases from the Dutch label New Era Productions. Well….. I have been spoiled with some physical copies. And being frank: I prefer physical copies instead of streaming, downloads, etc. It just adds to the romance of reviewing. The smell of ink of the artwork, the artwork itself…it gives you a glimpse of whatever you are about to discover. And I have discovered Dikasterion which presents its demo named “MMXVIII” on various listenable formats.

And while listening at this Belgian act it took me off guard with some excellent songs and a more than decent “Warmetal” (Barathrum over). The name from this act is hailing from the word Dikastes which are people who used to judge on all sorts judicial matters in the old days of Greece. And I can judge this demo is a killer! Starting with the intro “Enter the Dikasterion” with its medieval, creepy tunes. Followed-up by the thrilling track “Matthew 4-9” where powerful riffs and a harsh voice is being thrown in your face. “ Exodus 22-18” is sheer medieval terror upon your ass with its punkish bass while “Revelation 13-6” starts with a prayer, building up raged tension towards the end of this song.

For a demo the production is quite well. I am curious what this band can offer with some more budget during recording. So dear foul yet beloved listener: are you in to some old school medieval Black Metal…go ahead…check it out and enjoy this dark charmed demo from this Belgian horde.

Score: 8,0 / 10
Label: New Era Productions

Review made by: Erik

1. Enter the Dikasterion
2. Matthew 4-9
3. Exodus 22-18
4. Revelation 13-6
5. Warmetal (Barathrum cover)


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