Die Apokalyptischen Reiter- Wilde Kinder


Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, for those who have never heard of them, have been a big name in the scene for 25 years. The last studio album from the gents from Weimar is dated from 2017. After five years they are back with the long-awaited sequel of “Der Roter Reiter” named “Wilde Kinder.” They recorded and mixed the album by themselves while the album is mastered by Eike Reese (Chameleon Records) who also worked with Helloween, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple in the past.


The artwork of “Wilde Kinder” is actually inspired by a line from the title track of the same name,I burned down the cage.” The girl on the cover has her own story to tell. If you are curious what she’s got to tell you, you can read that in the artbook that is enclosed by the special edition of this album.


“Wilde Kinder” contains 10 tracks and opens with “Von Freiheit will Ich singen” and immediately shows you where it is heading. Together with “Volle Kraft” and “Alles Ist Gut” it storms right at you. Title track “Wilde Kinder”, “Leinen los” and “Euer Gott ist der Tod” (with guest vocals by Sabine Scherer, (ex-Deadlock) contain more melody and are a bit more folk orientated. “Nur frohen Mutes” and “Blau”  (with spoken word from Chris “The Lord”, (Lord of the Lost) are more easy listening and approachable. With the thunder of “Der Eisenhans” and the grunts from frontman Fuchs it pulls you out of your midsummer dreams and that story continues until the last song of the album “Ich Bin ein Mensch”


“Wilde Kinder” has become an album with lots of layers in it. The lyrics are drenched with topics that deal with freedom and society which are brought very intensely and very spherically at some points. The pounding guitars are alternated with catchy solos and the melodic keys as well as folk influences were brought together in a very nice and unique mixture which Die Apokalyptischen Reiter are well-known for. As I said before, the album contains lots of layers in it and in my opinion it needs a few turns to hear all of it. But it is worth it. If you like Rammstein and more orientated music like that, you are going to enjoy “Wilde Kinder” big time. If you want to see them live, they’ll burn down the stages at their upcoming club tour Volle Kraft Voraus through Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October this year. 


Rating: 8/10

Release date: 22nd April 2022

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Writer: Nathalie


  1. Von Freitheit Will Ich Singen
  2. Volle Kraft
  3. Alles Ist Gut
  4. Wilde Kinder
  5. Leinen Los
  6. Eurer Gott Ist der Tod
  7. Nur Frohen Mutes
  8. Blau
  9. Der Eisenhans
  10. Ich bin ein Mensch


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