Dark Troll Festival 2018 – preview

Coming under heavy recommendation from our German writers & friends who have been attending since 2014, the Dark Troll Festival is one we’ve never had the priviledge (yet) of experiencing. Not due the lack of will, or the line-up, just a matter of time and choices. However, that’s about to change.

Dark Troll Festival – Bornstedt

Far into Germany, about a five to six hours drive from Metal-Exposure HQ in the Netherlands, you will find the lovely town of Bornstedt (Sachsen-Anhalt). Originally, the festival was organised under the name Black Troll Festival, by another organisation. In 2013, the festival as it is known now was held: several days of black/pagan/folk metal festivities with a campsite in a unique surrounding. With the backdrop of the ruines of Schweinsburg (Burg Bornstedt), you’ll find no festival with a more authentic feeling. If you combine that with a strong line-up that features the best bands of the genre, it is no wonder that the festival has been sold out for the three past years,

Line-up 2018

The line-up once again features impressive names, hailing from all over Europe and beyond. One of the headliners is the Russian band Arkona, who’ve recently released the record Krahm. Invading from the north are Ereb Altor (Sweden) and Horna (Finland), and the Dutch delegation is Wederganger. Germany itself is represented by (among others) Gernotshagen, Obscurity, Odroerir and many, many more!


Unfortunately, weekend tickets have been sold out for over a month now. Perhaps you’ll be one of the lucky ones to get a second hand ticket or a day pass, which will be made available. Are you attending the festival? Check the Facebook-event and the website for more information.

All pictures have been provided by Sam Riffle.

Dark Troll Festival


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