Dark Tranquility- Moment

Since 1989 there has been a consistent and well known driving force in melodic death metal and more specifically, melodic death metal exemplifying traditional Gothenburg sound; Dark Tranquility. After 31 years of experience and a fairly traditional formula that Dark Tranquility implements, on their newest full length they remain committed to their signature sound. With the addition of Christopher Amott (ex- Arch Enemy) and Johan Reinholdz (Andromeda) one might something a bit different or intensified, but Dark Tranquility hold true to form.

Moment starts off with a fairly laid back track titled “Phantom”, where the listener will hear very traditional riffing from Dark Tranquility, beautiful harmonies as well as some atmospheric leads. Lyrically, this track as well as the entire album, is phenomenal. Mikael Stanne is a true poet in melo-death form and harness’ his craft very well. His philosophical approach and use of vocabulary is something that I tend to think really makes his writing interesting and compliments the grandeur of Dark Tranquility.

One track that stands out to me on Moment is Ego Deception. This track seems to be more emotionally involved in my opinion and demonstrates more of an aggression. It has some darker overtones and some more speedy drum work to accompany the feeling of frustration or anger with someone or something. Ego Deception demonstrates some of my favorite traits of Dark Tranquility and their ability to produce something dark complimented with beauty and anger or frustration. Themes the human mind can experience on any given day wrapped up in a composition.
If you’re a Dark Tranquility loyalist, it is my belief that this album produces exactly what you are looking for. My personal opinion: this album left me wanting something more. I felt as if there was not enough aggression put into this album and they rarely, if at all, strayed from their patterns or formulas. Nothing really stood out to me as being something that separates itself from the rest. Still, the harmonies, leads and lyrical content is something to be admired. I’m hopping to hear something a bit more refined from them in the future, I love when bands can maintain the attributes that make them who they are, but also enjoy when they ‘step out on the ledge’ and incorporate some new things.

Rating: 5.5/10
Reviewed by: Ian
Record Label: Century Media Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: November 20th 2020

Mikael Stanne – Vocals
Martin Brandström – Keys, Synth
Chris Amott – Guitar
Johan Reinholdz – Guitar
Anders Iwers – Bass
Anders Jivarp – Drums

1. Phantom Days (04:01)
2. Transient (04:11)
3. Identical to None (03:42)
4. The Dark Unbroken (04:55)
5. Remain in the Unknown (04:41)
6. Standstill (04:11)
7. Ego Deception (04:21)
8. A Drawn Out Exit (04:01)
9. Eyes of the World (03:51)
10. Failstate (03:21)
11. Empires Lost to Time (04:10)
12. In Truth Divided (04:41)


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