Delain and Serenity

Boerderij, Zoetermeer (NL)

By Michael
On a very sunny Saturday, Delain was about to play in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. This concert had been re-scheduled because of scheduling conflicts. Luckily, Serenity was able to perform as well, so we had two great acts planned that evening. Because of some issues with the traffic, Serenity arrived quite late at the venue. The start of the concert was delayed, but thankfully the bands did not have to cut their sets short.

Serenity easily got the crowd enthusiastic. By using the intro of the TV show Game of Thrones, they gave me goosebumps at least. Singer Clementine Delauny recently joined Serenity full time and played a bigger role on their latest album, War of Ages. Tonight however, the setlist contained songs from all albums. This meant that she could sometimes leave the stage. I must say, the venue had great lights and sound. One of the better ones in the Netherlands. This gave an already good show just that little bit extra.

The band members seemed energetic and moved as much as possible on the small stage. The only thing I was disappointed by, was the absence of Delain’s singer, Charlotte, during the last song, Serenade of Flames. This normally would have been a duet between Georg and her, and tonight would have been the perfect opportunity to perform this song.

Next up was the main act of the evening, Delain. Since the last time I’ve seen them, they have made quite some changes to the setlist, mainly in the playing order. They played quite some tunes, which is always nice and had a great mix of tracks from the latest album, as well as some older ones. A nice surprise came halfway the show. Georg from Serenity was called on and he sung two songs together with Delain. During Control the Storm and The Gathering he proved to be a worthy sidekick.

Some of my favourite songs, like Stardust, Electricity, Pristine and Sing to Me were played. It was a very good show, once again with great lights and sound. And, at the end of the evening I got to talk to both bands. Georg from Serenity gave us a big scoop about that they are working on being on the 70.000 Tons of Metal cruise, and I managed to get a nice goodie to give away from Delain, which will be online soon!

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Setlist Serenity
Coldness Kills
Legacy of Tudors
Reduced to Nothingness
Royal Pain
Wings of Madness
Serenade of Flames

Setlist Delain
Go Away
Get the Devil out of Me
Army of Dolls
Sleepwalkers Dream
The Gathering (+ Georg)
Control the Storm (+Georg)
Mother Machine
Tell Me, Mechanist
My Masquerade
Sing to Me
Not Enough

Here come the Vultures
Virtue and Vice
We are the Others

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