Dark Fortress and support

Merleyn, Nijmegen( NL)

To celebrate and promote their new album Venereal Dawn, Dark Fortress went on a tour through Europe this Fall. They brought support bands Secrets Of The Moon and Schammasch with them.
On October 21st, the tour visited Nijmegen for their only Dutch show, and of course we were present there. Earlier on the evening, before the show started we had an interview with singer Morean which can be found here.

So a few hours later, time was there for Swiss band Schammasch to kick off the evening. Honestly I never ever had heard of them before, but I have to say I was impressed. The music was pretty heavy to start an evening with, but they immediately set tone for the entire evening. Dressed in his cloak, the singer put quite a character on stage, but also the other band members put on a nice show. And even though there were some flaws here and there they really kicked ass.

Second band of the evening were the Germans from Secrets Of The Moon. Their show seemed a bit tame today, but it was still enjoyable. Even though they lacked some power now and then, there already was a lot more movement in the audience (that also had grown bigger)than there was during Schammasch their show. Highlight of the show most definitely was when Rogier Droog (RSDX from bands Weltbrand and Hell Militia) joined the band on stage during the song Lucifer Speaks. After this, the band easily continued the rest of their set with the few songs that were left.

Headliner of the evening were of course the German guys from Dark Fortress. As said they were promoting their album Venereal Dawn this tour, and so of course they played a lot of songs from the album this evening. They started with Betrayal And Vengeance, but also Chrysalis, I am The Jigsaw Of A Mad God and title track Venereal Dawn passed us by. Of course also older songs as The Valley and When 1000 Crypts Awake passed us by. As expected from musicians of this level, they played a very tight show and definitely got the audience going. A great show, in front of a suddenly full packed venue.

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