Lucifera / Virgin Killer – Unidas en Alcohol, Cuero y Metal

Releasedate: 2012
Label: War-Productions

By: Wouter

Unidas en Alcohol, Cuero y Metal is a split tape from two Colombian bands. Both bands bands are fairly new, like 5 years in existence. The bands make thrash and speed metal and all the members are female. This is not the type of split tape you see everyday.

The first six songs are from the thrash metal band Lucifera. The style reminds me of the first releases of Kreator and the first release from Slayer combined. The vocals and rythms sound like Kreator and that pretty much makes the overall sound. Plus there is also the cover from Tormentor of Kreator (obviously). But quite some of the riffs are in the style of Show No Mercy. A more melodic style of thrash metal. Because it is on tape, it definatly feels old school as well. Though, the high screams needs a lot of work. They are awfull.

The next 6 songs are from Virgin Killer. Virgin Killer are a speed metal band with influences like Judas Priest. The production is not as good as the first six songs though. The vocals are definatly not loud enough. But this type of production might take you back in time to the first heavy and speed metal demos. And the songs are actually pretty catchy. Especially the song Let’s Kill Em All has a chorus that makes you want to sing along.

Unidas en Alcohol, Cuero y Metal is a pretty good split tape which takes like 45 minutes. The bands are from Colombia so you can’t expect the best production, but both bands play very old school styles of thrash and speed metal so the production actually makes it more charming. I think I like the Lucifera songs better, but Virgin Killer sounds so catchy that I can’t really decide. I will enjoy this split more often and I suggest you old school fans out there should too.

Rating: 7/10


1. Lucifera – Destruyendo sin Piedad

2. Lucifera – Hijas de la Oscuridad

3. Lucifera – Miserables Esclavos

4. Lucifera – Guerra Infernal

5. Lucifera – Caos

6. Lucifera – Intro + Tormentor (Kreator)

7. Virgin Killer – Killer

8. Virgin Killer – Heavy Metal

9. Virgin Killer – Let’s Kill Em All

10. Virgin Killer – Maldito Traidor

11. Virgin Killer – Poseidos (Live)

12. Virgin Killer – Killer (Live)