Evocation – Illusions of Grandeur

Label: Century Media
Release: 24-09-2012

By Laetitia
Only a few months ago Evocation, in cooperation with their label Century Media, (re)released Evoked From Demonic Depths. A collection of the Swedish death metal band’s early material. Now it’s time for the group to release their fourth studio album: Illusions of Grandeur.

Once upon a time, Evocation’s music was typical Old School Death Metal. A raunchy, rough and dark atmosphere was injected in each and every song. Later on the band exchanged this sound for a more accessible one. Catchy, ‘galloping rhythm’- like riffs and pounding drums are now dominant. This all results in the feeling (that occurs more than once) that I’m listening to a slightly heavier (and older) Amon Amarth record (and do I hear some Hypocrisy?) Take for example the song ‘Divide and Conquer’. It’s not only because of the music, also production wise the album has a similar sound. Of course you can say all Swedish death metal sounds alike, but this is over the top. The biggest difference I can come up with are the lyrics and song titles.

Honestly I can’t make much else of Illusions of Grandeur. Even though the music is nice and entertaining (which the previous mentioned bands already proved) and these Swedes are likely good musicians , the severe lack of innovation and absence of Evocations ‘own’ musical characteristics puts me off.

Rating: 4/10
Track list:
1. Illusions Of Grandeur – 04:08
2. Well Of Despair – 04:26
3. Divide And Conquer – 05:20
4. Perception Of Reality – 04:26
5. Metus Odium – 04:24
6. I’ll Be Your Suicide – 02:57
7. Crimson Skies – 04:07
8. Into Submission – 03:35
9. The Seven Faces Of God – 04:53
10. Final Disclosure – 03:52