Destitution – The Human Error

By Laetitia
It’s bold to state to metal fans that you are capable of ‘making your beer taste even better’! The band members from Destitution bravely proclaim it anyway. These guys from Groningen decided to form a band in 2007 when they discovered several mutual interests: pizza, beer and more importantly, thrash metal. Last year they released their first EP: The Human Error.

The EP contains three songs. When Radiation starts, it’s becomes clear that you should prepare for an old school thrash metal assault: typical thrashy riffs, the raw vocals of singer Emiel van der Ploeg (perfect this metal genre) and mainly fast drumming. The production of the EP is great, it sounds balanced and clear (recorded by Jörg Uken at the Soundlodge Studios in Germany). It’s certainly a plus, also taking in mind that this is Destitution’s first ‘real’ effort (aside from a demo). On Global Content, the speed is taken down a notch. It’s a very catchy track, it’s impossible to keep your head from nodding along with the heavy riffs (thinking of it, that’s actually the case with every song). With a fast pace and varied guitar parts, Genesis stands as the most dynamic (therefore in my opinion also the strongest) song.

Destitution delivers exactly what they promise: quality old school thrash metal. So will this make you enjoy your yellow comrade even more? Yes. After all, listening to a good metal band (especially live) with a drink is something we all love to do.

Track list:
1. Radiation
2. Global Content
3. Genesis