Chaosweaver – Enter The Realm Of The Doppelgänger

Releasedate: june 29th 2012
Recordlabel: Napalm Records

By: Ingrid

Cinematic extreme metal, the genre the band describes themselves with. If with ‘cinematic extreme metal’ they mean to say ‘black metal, but then with a lot of symphonic and industrial influences’, they certainly covered it with that description. The sound of the band certainly isn’t unfamiliar since the link with bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth was already easily made when they released their first album. Now releasing their second studio album Enter The Realm Of The Döppelganger, they continue this theatrical black metal sound.

Main focus is the melodic black metal sound, highly made possible by the influences of the keys.
After a calm intro, Wings Of Death hits you like a bomb. Rough black metal blasts through the room, soon accomplished by the keyboard. It indeed makes you understand the ‘cinematic’ part of the band’s music. A bit more rough is the song ‘Maelstorm of Black Light’. After a highly uptempo The Great Cosmic Serpent, you find yourself back in the cinema again when Infected starts. Together with Ragnarök Sunset, this is the longest song on the album, and these two are immediately also the two most epic songs on the album. An epic build up working towards a great eargasm. And even though I’m not a big fan of it, the addition of female vocals in Ragnarök Sunset gives an extra dimension.

The only more down tempo song on the album is ‘A Requim For A Lost Universe’. I’m not sure if I find it a nice variation on the album and well put, or that it actually doesn’t really fits on this album compared to all the other songs. Nevertheless it brings a nice wave of variation to it.

In the end, Chaosweaver delivered a nice piece of art. And though it might not be as renewing as some say, it certainly is worth listening to! In my case, I immediately put it on a second time, after I first listened to it. But then again, I’m a big fan of Black Metal, and I like this theatrical input, when it’s well done, as is the case concerning Enter The Realm Of The Doppelgänger.

Rating: 75/100

01. A Red Dawn Rises
02. Wings Of Chaos
03. Maelstrom Of Black Light
04. The Great Cosmic Serpent
05. Infected
06. A Requiem For A Lost Universe
07. Crystal Blue
08. Repulsion
09. Ragnarök Sunset