Delain – Lunar Prelude EP

Release date: 19/02/2016
Record label: Napalm Records

Delain - Lunar Prelude EPDelain - Lunar Prelude EPBy Laetitia
If the new output of the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain has to be described as anything, one could certainly compare it to a snack. One can wonder why the Dutchies opted for the release of the Lunar Prelude EP, since the group has always been driven and very consistent in giving the fans (new) material and their latest album, The Human Contradiction, came out in 2014, which is not that long ago. That point being made, no fan is ever unhappy with new/live or reinterpreted songs.

The EP opens with the strongest song and hopefully a taste of what is to come on the next record: Suckerpunch. It’s a typical Delain song with a symphonic base, a touch of catchiness and an edge, mainly provided by the guitars and the alternation between Charlotte Wessels’ softer vocals and her punchy rock voice. It’s the style that has brought this group to where they are now: lonely at the top of the genre with perhaps Amaranthe next to them.

Turn The Lights Out is the second new song and has a bit of a melancholic, darker feeling to it. The song is a more bombastic, but in the end Charlotte’s compelling vocals (understandably) play the lead role.

The EP also features a couple of live songs and a new version of the song Don’t Let Go, from The Human Contradiction (deluxe edition). The differences are quite minimal, the version on the EP appears to be less polished, which suits the song better. The live tracks give you a clue of what you can expect from this band during a concert.

As mentioned before, Lunar Prelude is like a snack: it’s tasty and it will saturate you for a while, but it also makes you anxious for more.

1. Suckerpunch
2. Turn the Lights Out
3. Lullaby (Live 2015)
4. Stardust (Live 2015)
5. Here come the Vultures (Live 2015)
6. Army of Dolls (Live 2015)
7. Suckerpunch (Orchestral version)