Dawn of Disease – Worship the Grave

Release date: 24 June 2016
Label: Napalm Records

By Wouter H.
Dawn of Disease was founded in 2003 and released only one MCD before breaking up in 2007. The MCD however was very well received in the death metal community so they soon reformed in 2009, with a different line-up however. They released two full-lengths through NoiseArt Records since then. Now Napalm Records is ready to take over the duty to release their third piece of death metal called Worship the Grave. This album seems very promising!

If you’re not familiar with Dawn of Disease yet, the artwork surely will give you a hint of Swedish death metal. And that is obviously a major influence to them. Worship the Grave possesses a dynamic fusion of dark blastbeats, pounding thrashing riffs and sinister melodic passages. Each song is well structured so all these elements are connected naturally. The vocalist’s dark growls sound very powerful. These growls bring me to the production which is very well done. The vocals accompanies the music very well indeed while the riffs don’t fall back to the background. The music remains comprehensible at all times which is important when setting this kind of atmosphere.

Worship the Grave is a great piece of Swedish death metal. You will find pounding thrash metal riffs here alternating with slower dark melodies. Also machinegun blastbeats are present to set the pace again. All of this is accompanied by impressive growls that sets an overall dark atmosphere which makes this album very enjoyable to listen to. Highly recommended for death metal fans of the Gothenburg style!

Rating: 8/10
1. Worship the Grave
2. The Saviour’s Tomb
3. Ashes
4. On Trails of Death
5. Prayer for the Dawn
6. Cult of the Fading Light
7. Through Nameless Ages
8. Outsourcing the Brain
9. Enwrapped in Guts
10. The Sky Is Empty