Collision – Satanic Surgery

Record label: Hammerheart Records
Release date: February 2016

By Wouter H.:
The Dutch grind and thrash maniacs from Collision present to you their fourth full-length: Satanic Surgery. In over 15 years in existence, they’ve also done splits with The Rotted, Dr. Doom and Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay and some EPs. The things you can expect from them, looking back at their career, are aggression expressed in violent screams and controlled chaos in the rhythms and riffs.

The aggressive crossover between grindcore and thrash metal is expressed in fast and frantic songs, with hardly a moment of peace and silence in between. Though, it is not just lots of noise thanks to the production. The bass, drums, and guitar cooporate in perfect harmony with surprising rhythm changes and riffs. And just to add some extra violence and chaos, there are two vocalists spewing their lungs out, alternating their lines. Musically it is the same as they did before, but compared to their previous full-length, A Healthy Dose of Death, the sound has improved. Now it sounds thicker and heavier.

Satanic Surgery is a violent mixture between grindcore and thrash metal. Short and frantic songs batter your ears with bursts of blastbeats and thrashy riffs. Add the two vocalists screaming their lyrics aggressively. It is all very hectic, but in a professional way with great help from the overall sound of the instruments and the vocals. This all makes Satanic Surgery a very good album and well put together.

Rating: 80/100
Track list:
1. Cripple the Cross
2. Touch Me, Jesus
3. Filthy Feeder
4. Piece of Shit From the Tar Pit
5. Necromantic Love Affair
6. All You Need Is Hate
7. A Healthy Dose of Radiation
8. Satanic Surgery
9. Antichrist Gulag
10. Diabolic Death Wish
11. Operation: Meatcleaver
12. Blood Soaked Graveyard
13. Aggressive Assassination