Melechesh – Enki

Release date: February 27th, 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast

By Laetitia
It has been about five years since the Mesopotamian metal masters of Melechesh released their last effort, The Epigenisis. Rest assured that the news of a new record called Enki, was received in high spirits at Metal-Exposure head quarters, where having a preference for all types of (Middle) Eastern metal is nearly a must. So, what has this five year gap meant for Melechesh’ occult themed, blackened thrash-sound?..

Before plunging into the sixth offering of Melechesh, lets look at the back story a little. Enki is one of the supreme gods in Sumerian mythology and the deity is often associated with water (oceans), creation, the protection of humanity, wisdom and crafts. The album opens with ‘Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged,’ which catapults you right into the atmosphere of this record, with whipping riffs and blasts from drummer Lord Curse that are equal in extreme speed. The pace quickly makes room for a more groovy structure. This song simply spells: Melechesh are back.

This album features a few cooperations and one of them is ‘Lost Tribes’. It contains guest vocals of Max Cavalera and there is a chance that you’ve seen the lyric video if it. Whatever your opinion on Cavalera’s voice, it cannot be denied that his harsh vocals suit the music. ‘Enki – Divine Nature Awoken,’ is one of the first songs on this effort on which the epic side of the band surfaces. In comparison to the other tunes, the build-up is slow. Still, the incredible thick guitar sound makes it inescapable. Rotting Christ’s Sakis Tolis puts in guest vocals. His voice is deeper than Ashmedi’s raspy grunts, which gives the already rich song another dimension. The song continues with a slower level and the choirs, pounding drums, effects and instrumentals make this a true musical journey.

‘Metatron and Man,’ demonstrates the one thing that someone might hold against some songs on this record: that Melechesh simply picked up where they left off, without much innovation. Whether or not that is bothering, is up to the listener. Still, almost every other track on this effort proves that the band is easily capable of variety within their sound, to stop this from becoming a repetition. ‘Doorways to Irkala,’ is an eight-minute tranquil interlude that takes you across Middle Eastern soundscapes. The last song, ‘The Outsiders,’ is a mid-paced song, on which every musician is able to demonstrate their abilities, including bass guitar player Scorpios, who has also left a distinctive mark on this record.

With Enki, the rulers of Mesopotamian metal are rightfully restored on their throne. It is a recognizable, yet impressive comeback that any fan will enjoy.

Rating: 8/10
Track list:
1. Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
2. The Pendulum Speaks
3. Lost Tribes
4. Multiple Truths
5. Enki – Divine Nature Awoken
6. Metatron And Man
7. The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli
8. Doorways To Irkala
9. The Outsiders

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