Acaro – The Disease of Fear

Label: Goomba Music/SPV

By Laetitia
‘Hits you over the head with a sledge-hammer’ is one of the descriptions offered when talking about the debut of Acaro, a USA based death/metalcore group. It’s certainly a honest way to describe The Disease of Fear. From the title track on, you are bombarded with non-stop blast beats and ferocious guitar riffs (though these also make up the melodic aspect of the music from time to time). The guitarists also show their worth with a few good solo’s. It is partly in the sometimes modern riffs and mainly in the vocals where the ‘core’ part lies as vocalist Chris Harrell switches between guttural grunts and a harsh hardcore voice.

Most of the songs have a similar feel, making sure the album allows for an easy listening session. Luckily, the tracks have enough dynamics that keep you from getting fed up with the repeated style (it also helps that the record has a playing time of only 30 minutes). ‘Throne of Blood’ stands out, as it is a perfect mix of styles that were mentioned above and the atmosphere is often dark and a bit strange. Striking is also the last track ‘Forever is Temporary’. The song is a bit calmer compared to the others, different (clean-ish/almost speaking) vocals, focusing on the hardcore element of the music. As I’m not really into this, it’s an experiment that on my account has failed. Although I can see why others might disagree.

All in all, Acaro presents us with music that is not for the weak hearted. Fans of this genre can safely get The Disease of Fear as it is a decent release and its simply nice to hear. Only if you are looking for something original, you can keep on looking. These Americans made a nice effort, but also go where the musiciankind has gone before.

Rating: 6.5/10
Track list:
1. The Disease of Fear
2. This Treachery
3. Salvation’s End
4. Throne of Blood
5. Becoming the Process
6. R.O.J
7. Morituri
8. Forever is Temporary