9 MM – Volle Kraft Voraus

Recordlabel: Napalm Records
Releasedate: November 23rd 2012

By: Ingrid

How to review an album from a band that is só typical German, that probably not many people outside of Germany have ever heard of it. Well, it’s hard, especially since I have no connection or whatsoever to this genre of music, but let’s give it a shot…

When Geh Mir Aus Den Augen starts, you’re immediately in the party-mood. This punk-rock feeling continues through the songs Jetzt Feiern Wir Mit Freunden and titelsong Volle Kraft Voraus.
I already see myself enjoying a beer (or probably throwing it over the audience) on a festival enjoying these songs.

Libertad O Muerte can almost be called a balled compared to the party songs on this album. The rest of the album kind of continues in the way it started. Along passes a nice sing along song like Meine Kinder, but mainly, the party-mood stays on, and there isn’t that much variation on the album.

This certainly doesn’t mean that this is a bad album. I enjoyed it from the first minute till the last. Above all, Volle Kraft Voraus, is mainly a real feel-good album. There aren’t real highlights on it, but no disappointments either.
In the end, it has become a nice party album ;)

Rating: 7/10


1. Geh Mir aus den Augen
2. Jetzt Feiern Wir
3. Volle Kraft Voraus
4. Libertad O Muerte
5. Nacht der Werwölfe
6. Mainstream
7. Dem Freund die Hand – Dem Feind die Stirn
8. Im Namen des Herrn?
9. Meine Kinder
10. Popstars 20/15
11. Ich Will Hier Raus
12. Prosit
13. Gute Freunde Kann Niemand Trennen (Franz Beckenbauer Cover)