More Than A Thousand – Volume 5: Lost at Home

Release: February 2014
Label: Good Fight / EONE Music

By Tom
More Than A Thousand is a Portugal based Metalcore band. This five piece band was started in 2001. The band resided for 4 years in London, UK but ultimately relocated back to their hometown in Portugal. More than a Thousand has recently signed with Good Fight Records/E-one music and this release should please a wide array of listeners.

Vocalist Vascos Ramos is very impressive through-out this album from spot on growls and screams to melodic clean vocals. His range seems infinite and his voice adds an element that makes the music very viral with a lot of hook.

Volume 5: Lost at Home” is diverse front to back. From songs with that textbook metalcore sound that do justice to the genre, to songs with the brutal groove that which reminded me of Chimaira, Hatebreed or Throwdown. For listeners that aren’t fond of “screaming music” there is something for you as well and it sounds so good and is a good change of pace. The band features Mike Ghost(Bass) who provides ground work for a nice sounding low end without being too punchy. Wilson Siva (Drums) accompanies the hard hitting bass to make this an album that really makes you bang your head.

“Feed the Caskets,” was one of my personal favorite songs on this album. There is an interesting twist at the beginning of the track followed by high energy, in your face, straight forward metal song. “Fight your Demons” has a nice mix of clean vocals and screaming with a groovy metal breakdown in the middle of the song. This song gets stuck in my head, and I find myself listening to it over and over.

I highly recommend this to any fan of rock/metal genre. “Volume 5: Lost at Home” is a diverse album that is easy to listen to from start to finish and I enjoyed listening to it. This was my introduction to More Than A Thousand, and I am now a fan and will buy any future releases by the band. This is a high quality release that will impress music critics and fans around the world.


Track list:
01. Heist
02. Lost At Home
03. Fight Your Demons
04. I Am The Anchor
05. Feed The Caskets
06. Dear Friend
07. Song Of Death
08. Never Let Go
09. Swallow Your Poison
10. Cross My Heart
11. No Mercy For The Weak
12. Interlude
13. Room Of Blades

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