Down From the Wound – Violence and the Macabre

Release: 4 February 2014
Label: Comatose Music

By Wouter
Down From the Wound is a brutal death metal band all the way from the Philippines. They released another full-length back in 2007 called “Agony Through Rituals of Self Purification”, which was fierce and aggressive and all over the place with sudden tempo changes. From brutal windmill sections jumping into heavy slamming breakdowns. Let’s see what they came up with during these last few years of silence.

At first, the production of Violence and the Macabre sounds weaker then the production of the previous record. The drums lost those pounding blasts and the guitars their heavy tones. It’s still decent, but you would expect an improvement in these past years. Musically it’s still very much alike though. Those sudden tempo changes really worked out well then and they still do. This element keeps surprising you in every song, because of the complex song structures. Also thumbs up for the the guttural vocals.

So Violence and the Macabre is great quality brutal death metal for fans like the american Disgorge. Complex riffs and structures but there a far more slams in here. This is far above average stuff so I would recommend it you, although I would have liked to hear it with a heavy production like the debut album.


Rating: 8/10
Track list:
1 – Ill Fated Annihilation
2 – Hypocritical Repentance
3 – Comvulsive Human Atrocities
4 – Schematic Fraud
5 – Beyond the Depths of Epidemic Abortion
6 – Violence and the Macabre
7 – Drowned in Unjustified Extinction
8 – The Aftermath
9 – Infiltrate
10 – Exteriorized Mystecism
11 – Contesting the Scared

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