Caedere – The Lost Conveyance

Record Label: Severed Records

Dutch Death Metallars Caedere recently released their third full length ‘The Lost Conveyance’.
After some line up chance since their former full length and mainly gigs just inside The Netherlands, the band is now ready to open up new horizons and explore new lands.

The Lost Conveyance will certainly help them. Even though they already have performed with quite some famous Death Metal bands, the band certainly will make name with this release.
The Lost Conveyance fits perfectly into the Dutch Death Metal genre. If you like the deep and low, sometimes almost doomish riffs, then you certainly will enjoy The Lost Conveyance. But don’t be surprised to hear a lot of blast beats come by either, or a rather unexpected, yet very nice musical intermezzo by the name of Conveyance Lost.

The Lost Conveyance is a straightforward Death Metal album. A perfect mixture between a low and deep sound, mainly in the vocals, and faster and more technical parts, which makes it all together a very heavy album.
All these elements can be found in the killer track of this album: Union Of Substitutes; here Caedere really shows what they’re capable of.

Rating: 75/100

1. Corruption
2. Against Better Judgement
3. Union of Substitutes
4. Uncivilized Order
5. Facing Reality
6. Fury Unleashed
7. Better be Deceased
8. Conveyance Lost
9. Subject to None

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