Black Anvil – Hail Death

Release date: May 2014
Label: Relapse Records

New York metal formation Black Anvil is about to release its third full length record, Hail Death. Throughout the record you’ll notice that this band does not care for labels. Black metal, thrash, even doomy and death, all kinds of metal surface in the gritty tunes of this band. However, the music does not sound like the back and forth experience you’d expect after reading such a description. On the contrary, all the elements blend well together, which makes Hail Death an uncompromising metal record.

‘Still Reborn’, starts with an eerie acoustic intro and progressively builds up to a crude blackened death metal track. The muddy riffs and raspy grunts give ‘Still Reborn’ a raunchy edge and the mainly mid paced drums give the song a groovy rhythm. On aggressive and speedy tracks like ‘My Hate is Pure’, the thrash influences become more dominant and it demonstrates the group’s capability of dynamic song writing. ‘Until The End’, strengthens this claim, as Black Anvil gets into a slow and in their own way melodic vibe.

All in all, with Hail Death Black Anvil has delivered a strong effort by surpassing the rigid boundaries between metal styles. Be sure to check it out.

Rating: 8/10
1. Still Reborn
2. Redemption Through Blood
3. Eventide
4. Seven Stars Unseen
5. G.N.O.N
6. Until the End
7. My Hate is Pure
8. N
9. Next Level Black
10. Under the Rose [Bonus track – Kiss cover]

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