Audrey Horne – Pure Heavy

Release date: 29-09-14
Label: Napalm Records

By Laetitia
Audrey Horne’s Youngblood was without a doubt one of the best releases of 2013. Thus when it was announced that the Norwegian hard rockers would release their fifth opus, Pure Heavy, this year, it quickly rose to the status of most anticipated records of 2014. So, is Pure Heavy just as impressive as its predecessor?

It can be said that Pure Heavy is pretty much a continuation of the musical style of Youngblood. The principal characteristics of Audrey Horne’s music are ever present: the spirit-lifting energy, lead guitar melodies that make you want to master the air guitar, anthemic choruses and an undertone of straight-forward metal. A perfect example of all of the above is the opening track Wolf In My Heart or Out of the City.

Despite of that, this album might not sweep you away instantly. Where on Youngblood, every song had its own particular vibe, mainly because of distinct and dynamic guitar melodies, on Pure Heavy, Audrey Horne takes a more anthemic and riff-orientated approach. At least, on the first half of the record. After the most catchy tune Tales of the Crypt, songs like the thrilling Into the Wild (cowbell!) and the laid-back Gravity take the variety on the album up a notch.

All in all, at a first listen, Audrey Horne’s Pure Heavy is simply a darn good and highly enjoyable hard rock effort. It may take you a few spins to recognize that Pure Heavy is of a similar quality as Youngblood. So, what’s left to say other than: go get it!

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Rating: 8/10
Track list:
1. Wolf In My Heart
2. Holy Roller
3. Out of the City
4. Volcano Girl
5. Tales From the Crypt
6. Diamond
7. Into the Wild
8. Gravity
9. High and Dry
10. Waiting For the Night
11. Boy Wonder

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