Alunah – Awakening The Forest

Label: Napalm Records
Release date: 03-10-2014

Alunah is a band from England that has formed back in 2008. Since that time they have released two full lenghts, a demo, EP and a Split. All of those have passed me by. I never heard of the band but that is about to change with their third full length album Awakening The Forest.

When I first listened to this album I was happily surprised about how good it was. And during listening round number six, it has only become better and better. It’s a good mix between stoner and the old school doom. A good balance that I like because too much stoner would definitely ruin it. The album opens greatly with Bricket Wood Coven. A song that represents what this band is doing. Awesome riffs, nice bass and drums and good clear vocals. Not many female singers can pull it off to sound so good while singing in these genres. And every time I hear her vocals, especially this song, I must think about Benedictum. Sometimes these 2 bands sound so alike while playing totally different styles. Nothing wrong with this tough. I kind of like it. It never gets boring. Partly because the songs have some nice intermezzo’s. It all sounds very relaxing. Even my neighbor that was visiting me while listening to Alunah thought the music was great and good for a night you want to relax. And I couldn’t agree more. The song Scourge And The Kiss is very slow paced with now and then a small outburst. A great song where the nine minutes are gone before you know it. This album sucks you in. You only want to keep listening. The last masterpiece that ends the album is Summerland. A song that shows one more time what a great guitar work is played hear.

I’m happy that I discovered this band. Together with The Vintage Caravan and Saor the best discovery for me this year. And if you like old school doom with some stoner through the music I can recommend it. Also if you look for doom that is not to depressive than this is a good band to check out.

Rating: 84

1. Bricket Wood Coven
2. Heavy Bough
3. Awakening the Forest
4. The Mask of Herne
5. Scourge and the Kiss
6. Summerland

Line up:
Jake Mason – Drums
David Day – Guitars
Sophie Day – Vocals, Guitars
Dan Burchmore – Bass

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