The Answer – New Horizon

Release date: September 27th 2013
Record label: Napalm Records

By Ingrid
‘Well, here’s for something totally different than usual’, was more and less my thought when I put on the newest release from North Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll sensation The Answer: New Horizon. Not totally unfamiliar with it, but also not my first choice either, I decided to give it a try.

In their thirteen years of existence, The Answer has already grown to the status of Rock Legend. They have toured and played with bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith, and have been playing in parts and the big venues of this world that a lot of bands can only dream of. Yet they have stayed true to themselves, and have produced another great straightforward Rock ‘n’ Roll album.

New Horizon is the fourth full-length studio album of the band, and follows the line of its predecessor Revival. The title track opens up the album and immediately gives it a kick start. No complicated technical outstanding music lines, but straightforward, up-tempo is what you get. And this works perfectly fine for the four gentleman of The Answer. The funky feeling continues with Leave With Nothin’ and Spectacular.

The band slows down a bit with Speak Now, only to continue the good old Rock ‘n’ Roll feeling again with Somebody Else. The clearly blues influences are highlighted in Baby Kill Me, which for sure will make a good song to add to a live set, together with Burn You Down, which has catchy riffs and a high ‘sing-a-long’ level. By the time we have reached Scream A Louder Love, with its edgy raw guitar sound, the album has already finished, and our short (one turn of this album only lasts 38 minutes) Rock ‘n’ Roll journey has already come to its end.

The album turned out great! Neeson has proofed again that he possesses a very powerful voice. The guitars a groovy and the overall sound is very good. These guys clearly go their own way and seem to know what they want and what they’re doing; and that shows off. They have delivered a classy, straightforward, but yet not a dime a dozen.

Rating: 8/10
1. New Horizon
2. Leave With Nothin’
3. Spectacular
4. Speak Now
5. Somebody Else
6. Concrete
7. Call Yourself A Friend
8. Baby Kill Me
9. Burn You Down
10. Scream A Louder Love

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