La-Ventura – White Crow

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By Laetitia
Until recently I never heard of the band La-Ventura. However, the Dutch female fronted metal band has been around since 2008. In the five years between their debut and this second full length release, White Crow, the group’s sound definitely matured. Less influenced by the early ‘gothic’ metal bands and the vocals of Carla van Huizen improved. Still, as The Netherlands seems to a fertile country the breeding of bands in this genre, does La-Ventura measure up to the leading groups or pioneers as Stream of Passion, Autumn, The Gathering and Within Temptation?

The band is certainly not inferior to the names above. The production of White Crow is well done by Didier Chesneau and Bruno Gruel in France. All instruments and vocals have an equally important part in the mix. The music varies between heavier, metal influenced riffs, like in the title track ‘White Crow,’ and softer rock tracks, with a hint of a ‘gothic’ atmosphere reminding of Evanescene. The first song ‘Close to You,’ is a good example of this, just as ‘Time and Time Again,’. It’s mainly because of the singer Carla van Huizen that this group stands out among the many in the genre. The music is nice and sometimes even more than that (for example the solo in ‘Song for an Idiot’), but mostly it’s on the safe side, and not particularly striking. This is also the reason why I think the record could be more interesting: a bit more dynamic to keep the listener from straying. As said above, I believe the vocal lines are the strength of White Crow. Van Huizen has a pleasant voice, a bit low and deep sounding. Her wide vocal range provides the most diversity in the songs.

All in all, La-Venture created a nice record. Although a more dynamic sound would be appreciated, I think it’s likely that fans of the genre will like La-Ventura nevertheless. I’d advise them to give White Crow a spin. As for the measuring up to other bands? Well, there’s surely potential present.

Rating: 7/10
1. Falling Down
2. Human Vanity
3. Close to You
4. Song for an Idiot
5. White Crow
6. Drowning
7. Time and Time Again
8. Neverending Story
9. The Only One
10. Watch Me Go