Hypocrisy – End Of Disclosure

Releasedate: March 22nd 2013
Recordlabel: Nuclear Blast

By Ingrid
One thing is for sure: Peter Tägtren is a busy man; a fact that I’m happy about because this means he releases a lot of great albums. This time it is his own band Hypocrisy that comes with their newest album End Of Disclosure.
The album contains all you expect from an Hypocrisy album. Heavy guitar-work, melodic in your face riffing, and the highly epic but still brutal sound they create.

And even though you can immediately pick out Hypocrisy their sound, the album does not continue in the line of its predecessor. In fact, it has more similarities to one of the highlights of Hypocrisy their discography: for example the Virus album; but fans of the older work are going to like this album as well.

Never change the winning team you might say. Tägtren his guitar playing is perfectly fine craftsmanship, and he just keeps on riffing during the entire album. Also his voice on End Of Disclosure sounds deeper and more aggressive. Michael Hedlund his bass-work is nicely and brutallish done as well.
That Horgh doesn’t just play Black Metal (you might know him from Immortal), and that Death Metal with its blast beats isn’t a problem for him at all, is also proven on this album. From the more melodramatic song The Return to the blast beats on a song like United We Fall, he manages them all.

There are some really catchy songs on the album, like title track End Of Disclosure and The Eye. But there are also a few more heavier songs on the album with a darker and deeper sound. For example Hell Is Where I Stay, which is very slow and low tempo. Another highlight of the album is Tales Of The Spineless, which has a surprising turning point halfway the song.
But overall, the sound stays very epic, with as highlight finishing song The Return.

Hypocrisy combined the best of their previous albums in to one. The seemed to be going back to earlier directions, but not by ruminating those previous albums. They have once again created an epic masterwork!

Rating: 85/100

1. “End of Disclosure”
2. “Tales of Thy Spineless”
3. “The Eye”
4. “United We Fall”
5. “44 Double Zero”
6. “Hell Is Where I Stay”
7. “Soldier of Fortune”
8. “When Death Calls”
9. “The Return”

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