Emergency Gate – You

Release: 25-01-13
Label: Golden Core Records/Zyx Music

By Laetitia
Even though the German band Emergency Gate has been around since 1996, only the past years they’ve been really active as a band.
In the past six years these guys released four studio albums and one EP. Their hard work is paying off, this year Emergency Gate will perform at festivals like Metaldays and Rockharz. Now let’s check out what they’ve got in store for us.

One thing is certain about You. This record has a good production. The songs are layered, the mix of the instruments is good and the music seems written really well. Emergency Gate plays metalcore mixed with sometimes very dominant electronic soundscapes. The group is fronted by Matthias Kupka (ex-Suidakra). The album is very powerful and straightforward. The harsh vocals and typical metalcore riffs give it a brutal edge. However, clean ‘anthem’-like vocals and also catchy guitar melodies makes You more accessible. The first song ‘Mindfuck’, is a good example of this. The track ‘Moshpit’, as the title suggests, lends itself perfectly for a dance in the moshpit. Most songs have the same feel, heavy metalcore music with catchy elements and sometimes an industrial edge. Yet, ‘Lean On Words’, shows that the vocalist and the band is capable of more. The track is calmer at some points and the clean vocals are very beautiful.
If you are a fan of modern metal, this record will probably be an asset to your collection. If you are not, the first songs will be bearable, but than the music will start to sound monotonous. As for me, I’ve heard a very decent album, but not something special.

Rating: 6/10
Track list
1. Mindfuck
2. Force United
3. Moshpit
4. Feeling Inside
5. Liar’s Truth
6. Breathless
7. rEvolution
8. You
9. Lean on Words
10. Regret
11. Back from the Grave
12. Say Goodbye