Brutal Sphincter – Demo 2013

By Wouter
So I was heading back to the camping at Extremefest but then I walked into these guys from Belgium. They had a goregrind band called Brutal Sphincter and they just had a demo out. So here I am, listening to belgian goregrind.
So the demo only has three songs, but the sound quality is actually quite alright for demo standards. And I really like the gurgle vocals and the groovy riffs here and there. I think they will make a lot of people get into their party mood when they’re on stage.

Brutal Sphincter’s demo is a good effort. With these three songs of approximately six minutes in total, they let you hear what they’re all about. Blasts, grooves and gory slams that is. Check them out, the demo is also available for download on their facebook page.

Brutal Sphincter on Facebook

Rating: 7.5/10
1. The Art of Squirting
2. PorkHub
3. Strangled With a Horse Penis

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