Alpha Tiger – Beneath The Surface

RecordLabel: Century Media
Releasedate: 28-01-2013

By Rob
Before Alpha Tiger was created in 2011, the band has operated before under a different name. From 2007 until 2011 the band was called Satin Black, played thrash metal and released a full length and a demo. Since the creation of Alpha Tiger, Beneath The Surface is their second album. I know them since last year when they performed a very good show on the Rock Hard Festival. So my hopes for a good album were high. And partly my expectations were met. The last years there have risen several bands that are keeping the heavy metal flag high. Some more known than others like Steelwing, Enforcer and Cauldron. Where I have to put Alpha Tiger is still a question for me.

This album is a good average heavy metal album. About the music itself, nothing bad can be said. Just good songs like you could expect. Even a couple of songs that are very good. The good old guitar solos, screaming guitars and up-tempo riffs, all are represented. But there is one thing that keeps annoying me while listening to their music and that is the singer. His voice sounds very thin to me, his voice really could use some balls. The music deserves to have some more toughness on the singing parts. Besides that is there too much echo in his voice on the album. Two things I just can’t ignore this time. But if they work on that in the future it could be much better.

Besides that I would like to make my compliments on the album artwork. It is really beautiful. It would be great to have a poster of that art. But besides my criticism on the singer, this band knows how to make a party and play some good old skool heavy metal. And surely I will keep an eye on them for future releases. And of course I would like to see them live again soon. I know that will be a hell of a party with lots of spandex, beer and heavy metal.

Rating: 66/100


1. Intro
2. The Alliance
3. From Outer Space
4. Waiting For A Sign
5. Beneath The Surface
6. Along The Rising Sun
7. Eden Lies In Ruins
8. Rain
9. Crescent Moon
10. We Came From The Gutter


Dirk Frei – Bass
David Schleif – Drums
Alexander Backasch – Guitars
Peter Langforth – Guitars
Stephan “Heiko” Dietrich – Vocals

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