At The Gates- The Nightmare of Being

Since their return in 2014, At The Gates have been slowly introducing more progressive elements to their iconic sound. With The Nightmare of Being, they’ve completely brought it to the forefront. I’ve loved the change the band has made since At War with Reality and appreciated it when they brought it out more with To […]

Nanowar of Steel – Italian Folk Metal

After the massive hits that were “Formia” and “Biancodolce,” Nanowar of Steel is finally releasing their long-awaited pop album. Except it’s sadly full of metal songs? Very disappointing! With this record metal’s most hilarious and clever band takes jabs at their local Italian music, fittingly calling the album ‘Italian Folk Metal.’ You may wonder why […]

Marras – Endtime Sermon

Black Metal and Finland has always been a good combination. Thinking of Sargeist, Horna, Azaghal and loads of other projects, darkness seems to be oozing out of this Scandinavian country. Marras might not ring any hooves but with “Endtime Sermon” it might just open the door for this band to creep in or out of […]

Altarage – Succumb

I have to confess that this review took me way too long to write. Even as I decided that alright, now I’m going to sit through the night and put my thoughts into words for you to read, I didn’t manage to, and when I did, I felt the need to erase everything and start […]

Dödsrit – Mortail Coil

Originally starting out as a one man band, Dödsrit released its self titled debut in 2017, and only a short while after, Spirit Crusher in 2018. Multi instrumentalist Christoffer Öster was thereafter joined by three musicians from the Netherlands to transform Dödsrit into the band it is now in 2021. ‘Mortal Coil’ is the band’s […]

Seide – Auakistla

Seide, meaning “silk” in German, is what I would consider a ‘modern raw’ black metal band formed in Paris, France in 2007. France has produced and continues to produce top notch black metal for years now. While Seide is not necessarily new to the French black metal scene, they are getting recognition on an international […]

Nightfall – At Night We Prey

Nightfall is a Symphonic Black Metal hailing all the way from Athens, Greece. Considered as the main influence that brought Black Metal to the Mediterranean region. Nightfall has been tearing up the world with their unique metal style since 1991 and have a lot to show for it. But for this VERY long overdue review […]