Hypocrisy – Worship

Peter Tägtgren and his co-conspirators are back! With “Worship”, their fourteenth album in a lifespan of over thirty years, they destroy anything in their path. The band sounds familiar but manages to have a few surprises up its sleeve creating an exhilarating ride with its eleven tracks. Of course topics as extra-terrestrial life, conspiracy theories […]

Doodswens – Lichtvrees

Funny how things go sometimes. Especially when it concerns Doodswens (which means Death-wish in English). With only just a demo in their pockets these two Dutch ladies managed to gather quite some attention. With performances on Roadburn and as support for Marduk this two man, better said all female act, managed to get some serious […]

Swallow The Sun – Moonflowers

There’s no band in metal, and possibly music overall, that can encapsulate the feeling of romance as well as Swallow the Sun. A gut-wrenching, painful romance, but a profoundly beautiful one as well. Their last release, “When a Shadow is Forced Into the Light” perfected that feeling and the listener could feel all the pain […]

Massacre – Resurgence

I have never listened to Massacre but was aware of their origins in the Florida Death Metal scene from its infancy. The first thing that jumped out at me was that absolutely beautiful guitar tone, the chugs and singiness in the chords and tremolo riffs is sublime. The drums aren’t exactly the fastest or most […]

Beast in Black – Dark Connection

This week, Finnish power metal band Beast in Black continues with its long-standing themes by releasing a cyber-punk themed album called “Dark Connection”. Since former Battle Beast guitarist Anton Kabanen started the band, Beast in Black has often referenced anime tropes – in particular, many songs have been themed off Berserk, and is actually the […]